From Hair To Skin: 9 Superb Benefits of Guava!

Eating a guava a day can do more good to you than you can ever think of. How? Keep reading, and you will know.
Eating a guava a day can do more good to you than you can ever think of. How? Keep reading, and you will know.

Guava, known as amrood in Hindi, comes loaded with tiny hard seeds at the center. This fruit is bursting with healthy vitamins and minerals and can be used to treat many serious ailments.

They are amazingly rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium and fiber. This remarkable nutrient content gives them many health benefits.

Eating a guava a day can do more good to you than you can ever think of. How? Keep reading, and you will know.

1. Immunity Booster

Did you know: Guavas are one of the richest sources of vitamin C? It’s true. Guava fruit contains 4 times the vitamin C content present in oranges. Vitamin C helps improve immunity and protects you against common infections and pathogens. Moreover, it keeps your eyes healthy.

2. Lowers Risk of Cancer

“Lycopene, quercetin, vitamin C and other polyphenols act as potent antioxidants which neutralise free radicals generated in the body, preventing the growth of cancer cells. Guava fruit has shown to be widely successful in reducing prostate cancer risk and also inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells since it is rich in lycopene”.

3. Diabetes-Friendly

Due to the rich fibre content and low glycaemic index, guavas prevent the development of diabetes. While the low glycemic index inhibits a sudden spike in sugar levels, the fibre content ensures the sugar levels are well regulated.

4. Improves Your Vision

The vitamin A in guava boosts vision. This nutrient is known to cut down the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. The abundant vitamin C in the fruit also contributes to better vision.

5. Improves Your Skin Health

The antioxidants in guava can protect your skin from damage and delay signs of aging. The abundance of vitamins A and C contribute here – especially vitamin C, which enhances skin firmness.

Guava extract’s antimicrobial properties also help treat acne as they are effective in eliminating the bacteria that cause acne.

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6. Heart Healthy

Guava fruit helps improve the sodium and potassium balance of the body, thereby regulating blood pressurein patients with hypertension. Guavas also help lower the levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol (LDL), which contribute to the development of heart disease. This magical fruit improves levels of the good cholesterol (HDL).

7. Scurvy

Guava is your best source for vitamin C. In fact it has four times the amount of Vitamin C found in oranges, which are regarded as the go-to food for this vitamin. The concentration of vitamin C can prevent scurvy, a disease caused by a deficiency of this vitamin.

8. Treats Constipation

It is one of the richest sources of dietary fiber in comparison to other fruits and just 1 guava fulfills about 12% of your daily recommended intake of fibre, which makes it extremely beneficial for your digestive health. Guava seeds, if ingested whole or chewed, serve as excellent laxatives too, helping the formation of healthy bowel movements.

9. Improves Eyesight

Due to the presence of Vitamin A, guava is well known as a booster for vision health. It can not only prevent degradation of eyesight, but even improve eyesight. It can help slow down the appearance of cataracts and macular degeneration. Even though guavas are not as rich in Vitamin A as carrots, they are still a very good source of the nutrient.

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