Homemade Fresh Orange Juice Recipe For Weight Loss & Good Health!

First Have A Look At Health Benefits of Orange Juice and then learn how to make Homemade Fresh Orange Juice Recipe in simple steps!

Do you know the benefits orange juice? This article will tell you about the benefits of orange juice diet for weight loss and juice recipes! Orange is considered to be a negative calorie fruit which means that it contains fewer calories than what your body requires to burn it. Simply put, you burn more than you eat! It is a fruit that contains intrinsic properties that help you to lose weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Not only this, freshly squeezed orange juice could be a healthier, low-calorie alternative to all your fizzy drinks and colas.

First Have A Look At Health Benefits of Orange Juice
Orange Juice
Orange Juice
  • Promotes the Immune System
  • Maintains the Blood Pressure Levels
  •  Prevents Cancer
  • Contains Healing Properties
  • Benefits for Treating & Preventing Ulcers
  • Prevents Kidney Stones
  • Reduces Risks of Heart Attacks
  • Assists in Weight Loss
  • Rich Source of Vitamin C
  • Makes the Skin beautiful & Young Looking
  • Treats Anaemia
Learn to make fresh orange juice in blender and slow juicer!
Orange Juice
Orange Juice

Fresh orange juice recipes are the best. Try these combinations out and see what you think!

  • 4 Oranges
  • Salt , (or black salt) to taste
  • Sugar , to taste
How to make Homemade Fresh Orange Juice Recipe

* Select the best, healthy looking and juicy oranges to prepare the juice.

* Microwave the whole fruit for 10 seconds on full power.

* Cut the fruit, save the middle most thin slice for garnish, and squeeze out all the juice on a citrus press.

* You can also spoon out the rind which is left after extracting juice and blend it using a hand blender. (Remember to discard seeds). You can skip this step if you like watery orange juice.

* In a mixing bowl, mix the orange juice and extracted pulp. Give them a quick blend, with your hand blender. You can add sugar and salt/ black salt to taste if you like, at this stage.

* Serve Homemade Fresh Orange Juice Recipe.

Note– Always use fresh oranges!

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