How Much Water Should I Drink While I am Pregnant?

Drinking water during pregnancy
Drinking water during pregnancy

You are Pregnant or not but you should enough water to make your body hydrated. Hydration is much necessary to proper functioning of body organs. But when you get pregnant your body requires a lot of water intake because of many body changes.

This article will help you to understand “How much water should I drink while pregnant “, “How much water should a Pregnant woman drink a day“.

Why drinking enough water during pregnancy?

Drinking water during pregnancy
Drinking water during pregnancy

The health benefits of drinking sufficient water are not something new. Most of us know that drinking more water helps to flush out the toxins from our body, helps in weight loss, boost the immunity system of our body, helps in digestion of food and a countless number of other benefits.

Have you ever thought why our body need enough water during pregnancy?

Drinking water during pregnancy
Drinking water during pregnancy

If the answer is No, then I will give a clear cut facts. If you don’t drink enough water as per your body changes during pregnancy this lead to many complications like dizziness, cramps, nausea, headaches and preterm labor. And if you want to find out whether your body is dehydrated or not, just check the color of urine. If it’s color is pale or straw-colored then you need not worry about and if it is a dark color you need to intake water. This drinking water during pregnancy helps you to get rid of heartburn, acidity, morning sickness, urinary infections, and indigestion. Having adequate water during pregnancy keeps your body cool and maintains body temperature too.

But everything we have around has its own pros and cons too. There are always some considerations and limitations to everything we take. A normal human being may consume more of something than a diseased or old person. Similar is the case with water. Experts say that 10 – 12 glasses daily intake of water keeps a person healthy and fit. But, that may not be the case with everyone. There are exceptions too. Consider the example of a pregnant woman.

How much water should a pregnant woman drink a day?

Drinking water during pregnancy
Drinking water during pregnancy

Well, women are advised to have around 2 – 2.5 liters of water on daily basis. But, in pregnancy, they already carry pressure in their bladder due to the growing foetus. And, as per medical advice, a pregnant woman needs to have enough milk, juice, and other fluids to make up for the calcium and other nutrients required by the body those days. In such case, adding up the burden of additional pressure of water may not be advisable.

A pregnant woman needs around 2.5 liters of fluids each day as per experts. And, this includes the juices, milk and other vitamin fluids along with water.No doubt plain water is one of the ideal beverages, but in the case of pregnant women milk, juice, tea etc. also contain much water content and hence, count toward your fluid intake. But, you should not neglect it completely even.

According to Institute of Medicine, pregnant women living in temperate climates must drink at least 12 – 13 glasses of water every day.  But have it with regular intervals and small sips so that is entered steadily instead of gulping down the whole glass at once. This would result in uncomfortable feeling and uneasiness. In fact, a pregnant woman must reduce the intake of beverages like tea and coffee due to the caffeine content in them.

So, it is better to limit the caffeine intake which includes the caffeinated drinks like coffee, teas, and sodas as well. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists says that a pregnant woman must not consume more than 200 milligrams of caffeine each day. During pregnancy, one can have healthy drinks like fruit juices (higher percentage of water in it) and sufficient water.

Are you still wondering about the amount of water you must drink during pregnancy? Are you still thinking – How much water should I drink while pregnant?

Drinking water during pregnancy
Drinking water during pregnancy

Well, here is the answer. Don’t be afraid to or hesitate to drink enough water with the fear that your body will retain water. In fact, you must have sufficient water to avoid swelling of feet and ankles.

Sufficient intake of water will also keep you away from associated pregnancy complications like constipation, bladder infections and hemorrhoids. Enough water is also required to keep you hydrated and prevent premature labor pain.

Try to take water in small sips throughout the day. If you are really prone to nausea and vomiting sensation, then you must try to add some flavor like lemon to water and then have it.

Some physicians and dieticians also recommend that you should have an intake of approximately 1.5 – 2 liters of water ideally up to the 27th week of pregnancy. This is something around 8 – 10 glasses of water daily. Later you may try to increase the intake to support the baby’s growth. If you do not like bare water and it tastes bad during the pregnancy days, then you can add a certain percentage to your juices and milk intakes so that a balance is maintained. Also, try to eat more water-based fruits so that it keeps the balance.

Yes, water is the easiest and healthiest way to keep healthy and hydrated. Take enough water as much as your body can withstand, because water is a neutral fluid that will have no side effects. Further, you may consult your gynecologist or dietician to have additional advice as per your body requirements.


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