Never Ever Eat Maggi Again, Here Are The Reasons Why!

You will never eat MAGGI after reading these horrific facts about MAGGI
You will never eat MAGGI after reading these horrific facts about MAGGI

India’s favourite go-to food option, our two-minute noodle friend Maggi, is in a hot soup. Popular noodles brand has poisonous lead in it! Nestle company has admitted to presence of lead in its popular noodles. In this busy world, we look at 2 minutes ready to eat noodles as our saviour. These are delicious and curb your hunger.

But be aware that it affects your health very badly. Read this article to know how.
You will never eat MAGGI after reading these horrific facts about MAGGI
They are killing your body

You can’t call them balanced diet. All you get from them is starch, salt and MSG. Eat them daily and you may easily fall prey to killer diseases like hypertension. Where are the minerals, vitamins, proteins or even fibre in these noodles? So, they are not really helping your body much.

What is the real problem in Maggi?

Some laboratory tests were done on samples of Maggi in India. It was found that it contained traces of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and lead content beyond permissible limits. The permissible limit that is prescribed is between 0.01 ppm and 2.5 ppm. The amount that is found in Maggi is 17.2 ppm. You can do the math. All of us were so much fond of maggi. In fact, I have been a life-long customer of Maggi, until this controversy was published. I have consumed Maggi in breakfast for such a long time. But now it is time to be careful. I am writing this article so that people can be aware of the fact and take precautions accordingly.

What will happen if you eat Maggi loaded with lead?

Lead is a harmful element that gets absorbed in the body and has long-term side-effects  This includes hindering your digestive process. It adversely affects the brain, kidneys and reproductive health as well.

What can be done to flush out lead from the body?

You cannot flush out excess lead because it gets accumulated in the body. However, drinking antioxidant-rich juices like cranberry MIGHT help in lowering the overall effect on the body. Also, eat green vegetables and drink lots of water, as this helps in lowering the toxic load and improves the functioning of the digestive system.

The ‘Maida’ Part

Wheat flour is generally bleached and refined to get the final product that is required to make these noodles. Also, this processed stuff loses its nutrients. So, in fact, they are no more than useless calories which add up to your obesity. Also, the added preservatives would start harming your system in various ways. On the other side, as many believe, ‘maida’ products do play around with your digestive health. In fact, they can also result in infections in some people.

Can You Make Them Healthier?

Well, if you wish to consume a small quantity of noodles then try to add lots of fresh vegetables to it. This would increase the nutritional value of whatever you are consuming. But still, it doesn’t take away the other side effects of consuming too much of MSG. Also, remember this: Just because some brands sell noodles with vegetables, don’t fall for them as they simply contain more preservatives. They could be more harmful.

Maggi – Is it healthy to eat (in general)?

Maggi is made up of refined flour or maida, which is not easily digested. Also, it contains preservatives, which are unhealthy and is high in sodium, which is a common risk factor of high blood pressure.

Children do not have a fully developed immune system. Their body is still growing. They love colorfully packaged food. They do not want to go in such intricate details of lead poisoning. They love ready to eat noodles. But it is our duty to keep our children away from such poisonous food. They need to be told about the bad effects of lead. In fact, the worse thing about lead poisoning is that you never get to see any immediate after effect of it. It takes time to open up. By that time it has damaged many things in the human body.

Lead is very toxic for the body. It slowly affects the human body and spreads to the liver, kidney and even the brains. With long term lead deposition the body cells start dying. On the other hand there are Monosodium Glutamates which are manufactured artificially in the industry. Let us consider them too. Monosodium glutamate is used to enhance the flavor of the noodle that we are consuming. In this case it is Maggi.

So, will you eat Maggi or not? Tell us in the comments section below and stay connected with Awaaznation for all updates!!


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