Why Men Don’t Moan & How To Make Your Guy Moan in Bed

Here’s How To Make Your Guy *Scream* With Pleasure!
Here’s How To Make Your Guy *Scream* With Pleasure!

So what’s one part of sex that is incredibly essential? Noise. No one wants to bump and grind in utter silence. We all know that women moan on bed. Most men don’t moan and groan as much as women do.  Are you curious to know why? Here are 6 possible reasons as to why that is—and how you can change them.

First of all you should know why should men moan more? For starters, it’s because of these reasons.

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#1 It arouses your partner.

#2 It gives your partner an idea of how you’re feeling.

#3 It can increase your pleasure.

#4 It can help you orgasm on command.

#5 It makes you more vulnerable and open.

These are some of the main theories and opinions of men.

Here’s How To Make Your Guy *Scream* With Pleasure!
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Because they don’t consider it very masculine…

A lot of men can agree that moaning in bed is not very masculine. They like to groan and sigh once in a while, but for some reason to moan like a woman makes them feel less manly in bed.

Societal norms…

 Men are not known to be vocal in the bedroom. Even in porn, you rarely hear guys moan. Grunt, yes. Say demeaning and borderline illegal things to their partner, also a given. Moaning, however, is rarely added in the sound bytes.


 Some people who have never tried moaning during sex may find it difficult to start for that very reason. They have no idea how or when to start, which makes it difficult to do so when you’re in the throes of passion. Also Read: 10 Reasons Why Women Moan (Or Scream) During Sex

Because they mostly enjoy the climax…

Women will never know what men feel when having sex, just as they won’t know exactly what women feel. However, even though men really enjoy doing it, the best moment for them is the climax and when they ejaculate. That explains why they moan when they’re finishing because they are saving the best for last.

They Feel Conscious…

Yes, men to feel shy and men too would have inhibitions. They may feel conscious if they start moaning. Also Read: Top 10 Mistakes Men Make in Bed Acc To Women & How To Avoid Them

They Think Women Wouldn’t Like It…

This is another fear. Men wonder whether women would like it if they moan. Well, such things can be sorted out if you have an open discussion with your partner.  Also Read: Top 12 Sex Mistakes Women Make in Bed, According To Men

How can you get your guy to moan?

Here’s How To Make Your Guy *Scream* With Pleasure!
Make Your Guy *Scream* With Pleasure!
A little dirty talk…

When we’re getting down and dirty, and you tell us how you’re feeling or what else you’d like to do – it’s the best!

You touching yourself..

There’s just something incredibly erotic about a girl taking pleasure in her own touch. Trust us on this.

Make him feel comfortable about it… 

Tell your partner what he can expect and ask him if he’d like some tips on how to get started. Assure him that he has control over the situation, because that can ease him into the idea of trying something new, without knowing the outcome.

Increase the pleasure…

If all else fails, try to take the reins and make him feel so good that he can’t help but moan. There are a variety of things you can do, like using toys, trying new positions, or giving him the works during a blowjob.

Sucking face…

Kissing doesn’t have to quite as traditional as it typically is. You can shake things up a bit, especially if you want to make him moan. If that is your intention, then simply grab his bottom lip very gently with your lips and slowly incorporate your teeth into the mix. As long as you don’t straight up bite him, he’s going to love it.

And, don’t worry girls,  If your man doesn’t moan in bed, you can moan as much as you want, which is just as good a deal as your partner doing it!

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