Never Ever Say These 9 Things During Sex!

'That wasn't a fart'. here are 9 things you should never say during sex.
'That wasn't a fart'. here are 9 things you should never say during sex.

While sex is always a mix and match of passion and fumbles, it can throw up hilarious and cringe worthy moments.  Sometimes, we say wrong things in bed that can bring even the best time to a screeching halt.

We hope to save you from putting your foot in your mouth during sex-chat, unless of course that’s a position you’re into. So, consider these the worst things you could say during sex.

'That wasn't a fart'. here are 9 things you should never say during sex.
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 “What should I do next?”

Another think that ranked high was the cruel phrase of is “I don’t love you”, which will abruptly end any love-making.

“That’s it?!”

I think I’ve watched Instagram videos that were longer than that. Still, muttering these words will not make them rally for round two, we promise.

“You’re so much better than I thought you’d be!”

Talk about a backhanded compliment, eh? Sure, you’re reassuring him that he’s doing a swell job, but you can probably do that without implying he somehow looked like he’d be crap.

Can we get on with it? 

You’re basically saying you’re bored, not looking forward to the ensuing act, and you want to get it over with. Hardly the perfect recipe to make someone feel wanted and/or at ease.

You’re not very good at this

If they really are that bad, then help them learn rather than criticize them. Also Read: 6 Most Important Tips To Improve Sex Power & Sex Life

Pretending something is working when it isn’t working

Do not fake orgasms and do not pretend something feels good if it doesn’t. If you partner is wildly thrusting away, ignoring your clitoris, and gyrating on top of you, don’t fake moan and say, “Yeah, that feels amazing!” It does not feel amazing.

Obviously bruising an ego is not ideal. We want to keep bedroom talk light and affirmative. Instead of saying, “This isn’t working,” go for, “Hey, babe. Can you rub my clit while you’re doing that. You’re so sexy.” Make your partner feel good about his or herself while getting what you want out of the situation.

“My ex used to do it like this…” 

Talking about exes while naked with your new partner is pretty much always frowned upon. Besides, they’re your ex for a reason…  Also Read: Why Men Don’t Moan & How To Make Your Guy Moan in Bed

“That wasn’t a fart”

Why do certain sex positions make noises that sound embarrassingly similar to flatulence? However mortifying this may be, just have a laugh and move on. It’s totally normal. Don’t do what I once did after a loud air-expulsion and try to pretend that’s the “sound your orgasms make”. No one’s buying it.

“That’s so cute”

Cute, sweet, adorable are all things that can be said fully clothed. Never in the presence of a naked penis.

Saying the right thing during sex really isn’t rocket science, but if you struggle to make a positive verbal impression, then just keep the above points in mind for a sexy romp together with all the right (and wrong) things to say during sex.

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