Top 6 Facts, Health Benefits & Importance of Non-Vegetarian Food

Non-Veg Facts
A well-planned non-veg food regimen can make your body strong.

Do you also love Non vegetarian foods? If yes, this article make you love non-veg even more.  If we place a meal constituting of red meat, white meat, eggs, etc. before a non-vegetarian, the person’s mouth will immediately start dripping out water.

Plenty of myths surround vegetarian eating, including that it’s inherently healthy and that it neglects to provide sufficient protein. In truth, benefits of a non-vegetarian diet cannot be denied because there are many benefits to including high-quality sources of meat in your regular diet.

Today we will discuss the benefits of non vegetarian food, advantages & importance of non vegetarian food, food effects & health benefits of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian foods.

Top 6 facts about non-vegetarian foods

Non-Veg Facts
Non-Veg Facts

1. Goat meat has amino acids that helps in maintaining the cardiovascular health.

2. Chicken meat is loaded with niacin, B-6, B-12, vitamin D, protein, iron and zinc.

3. These foods are good source of protein and vitamin B complex, especially Vitamin B 12.

4. Lean beef is a  good source of vitamin B12, vitamin B6, protein and that it provides 64.1% of the daily value of the nutrient, in just 4 ounces.

5. Fish is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acid and has always been considered as one of the most nutritious meats available. It is full of proteins and is not calorie rich.

6. Pork is a good source of essential nutrients and vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, thiamin.

Nutrition & Health facts of Non-Vegetarian foods

Non-Veg Facts
Non-Veg Facts

1. Non vegetarian foods are generally high in fats & cholesterol -possessing higher risk for patients with heart disease.

2. These foods are high in sodium contributing for high blood pressure.

3. These are difficult to digest thus needs more digestive enzymes.

5. Non vegetarian foods could be a carrier of various dangerous microorganisms like E-coli infection, salmonella, bird flu, bovine immunodeficiency virus, etc which occur in animals & birds and could be transmitted to humans when they are eaten.

6. Non vegetarian foods are considered to be Tamasik food- that is, it affects the emotions and thinking of individuals for e.g. They get anger, frustration quickly as animals.

7. These foods lack vitamins, minerals, fibers, antioxidants and zinc.

8. Non vegetarian foods have been directly associated with increased risk of cancers of the esophagus, liver, colon, and the lungs.

Importance of non vegetarian food

Non-Veg Facts
Non-Veg Facts

No doubt, non vegetarian foods have a lot of importance for health.Non-veg foods are high in protein content which is an essential element for smooth functioning and healing of the body. The animal proteins contain all the amino acids, ensuring complete nourishment, which is often lacking in case of most of the plant-based proteins.

Non-veg foods, like meat and poultry work as the primary source of iron in the body. Iron is highly important not only to keep blood deficiency at bay but also to ensure smooth functioning of the brain.

Apart from iron and calcium, non-veg foods are also rich in minerals like Zinc, Selenium and B vitamins, which are vital for smooth functioning of the different systems of the body.

Calcium is a very important mineral for human body as it works as the main constituents of the skeletal system as well as the teeth.

Discarding non-veg foods from your diet can easily give rise to vitamin and mineral deficiencies in your body which can lead to a range of health issues like fatigue, depression, sleep disorders as well as slow recovery from diseases

Other Meats that have importance

Non-vegetarian food
Non-vegetarian food

Turkey: It is inexpensive while being a high-protein meat, just like chicken.

Venison: Although difficult to find in regular markets, venison or deer meat has fewer calories and more vitamins than beef.

Duck: Packed with selenium, phosphorus, and B vitamins that are very good energy producers. They also strengthen your immune system.

Wild Boar: With a high content of omega-3 fatty acids, wild boar meat is quick good for you. It also packs essential nutrients like B vitamins, selenium, and zinc.

Non- Vegetarian vs Vegetarian debate

Non-vegetarian food
Non-vegetarian food

The Debate Vegetarian vs non-vegetarian is a debate that will always go on but a fact that cannot be ignored is that non-vegetarians can have a more balanced diet. This is so because they can consume both plants and animals. Be it a matter of choice or compulsion the benefits of being non-vegetarian are many.

Note- If you have health problems like blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, heart diseases then do consult your doctor before eating non-veg.


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