5 Surprising Nuts That Are Great for Weight Loss! Now Eat Nuts & Reduce Weight

Weight Loss Tips
Weight Loss Tips

We all love dry fruits. After all they are good for health. Dry fruits are rich in fiber, proteins, minerals and unsaturated fat. They also reduce the risk of high cholesterol. The very best thing about dry fruits is that they can be eaten at any time during the day.

To reduce obesity, there are hundreds of prescriptions and medicines that claim to lose weight in a short time, but still result is not obtained. Today we are not going to tell you about any prescription nor will we talk about any medication. You just have to follow some of our tips. In this article you will read you how eating some nuts can easily reduce your weight.

If you like to eat nuts, then it is important to know how much nutrients should be eaten, so that you can prevent weight gain.

What are nuts?

Weight Loss Tips
Weight Loss Tips

It would be difficult to put nuts in one category, as different nuts fall into different categories. The most eaten nuts include walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachios and cashews. These are all nutritious as well as good sources of protein, carbohydrate and fiber. They also contains abundant vitamins E, folic acid, B-complex, magnesium, copper zinc etc.

Nuts also have omega-3 fatty acids, and they control cholesterol levels in the blood. Eating nuts also prevents heart disease. It contains a mixture of monosaccharide fatty acids and protective flavonids, which are extremely beneficial for the heart.

Dieticians say that anti-oxidants, vitamins and many other types of nutrients found in nuts keep the body as well as healthy. At the same time, the protein found in nuts helps in the formation of various organs, muscles, hormones and various enzymes.

Eat these 4 nuts daily and reduce weight easily


Weight Loss Tips
Weight Loss Tips

Pistachios are very helpful in reducing weight, because there is less than four calories in a pistachio. Along with it, there is an L-arginine, which makes the layer of arteries more flexible. This reduces chances of blood clotting, which can lead to heart attack. At the same time there is vitamin E, which strengthens the body.

Apart from reducing weights, there are many more benefits of pistachios-

  • Prevent eyes problems
  • Help relieving heart related illnesses
  • Protection from diabetes
  • Strong disease resistance
  • Cancer Prevention

Walnuts are helpful in weight control

Weight Loss Tips
Weight Loss Tips

Walnut contains omega 3 fatty acids. By eating 1 walnut daily, many problems of health can be solved. Many researchers believe that by including walnut in diet, you can manage your weight efficiently. Walnuts are also rich in antioxidants and keep away from problems such as heart diseases, cancer, early aging. There are also healthy unsaturated fat in it. One to two walnuts can be eaten in regular meals.

Other benefits of walnuts

  • Reduce breast cancer risk
  • Cholesterol level improvement
  • Beneficial in diabetes
  • Best for Hair and Skin

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Weight Loss Tips
Weight Loss Tips

Almonds have more fiber than other nuts. Not only this, almonds are also rich in Vitamin E. Weight can also be reduced by consuming almonds. According to a research, people who add almonds to their diet lose weight quickly as compared to others. 8-10 soaked almonds can be eaten in a day.

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Weight Loss Tips
Weight Loss Tips

Peanut is a good source of vitamin E, folate and manganese. There are 22 percent anti-oxidants in it, which are helpful in strengthening immune system. Peanuts also keep you away from heart diseases. But it is necessary to eat them in the right quantity. Eight to ten peanuts can be eaten in the day. Roasted groundnut with boiled vegetables is a good option to eat.

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Note: Always consult a health practitioner before beginning any natural health routine.

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