Say Bye To Black/Dark Nipples: Best Remedies To Get Pink Nipples

Do you have dark nipples? Here are natural and safe remedies that can lighten the color of your nipples.
Do you have dark nipples? Here are natural and safe remedies that can lighten the color of your nipples.

Unlike face or any external part of your body, you rarely take care of your nipples. Having pink and light-colored nipples can give you a feeling of fresh breast. Every part of our body needs care and thus it is good that you have understood on having lighter shade of nipples color.

Brown nipples, pink nipples, red nipples, light nipples, dark nipples…our nipples come in a variety of shades, shapes and sizes. Your nipples  color basically depends upon hereditary or the situation. But pregnancy, hormonal changes, duplicate cosmetics etc turn your nipples into dark color. Even different medical conditions, like diabetes, may make your nipples darker.

Don’t worry, you can restore your nipples back to their original color. Here are natural and safe remedies that can lighten the color of your nipples.

Do you have dark nipples? Here are natural and safe remedies that can lighten the color of your nipples.
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Almond and milk

Almond and milk can lighten your nipples magically.

Method: Soak a few almonds overnight in a bowl of milk, make a smooth paste and apply it onto your nipples. Leave at least for an hour, and then rinse. Apply this mixture daily until you see visible. This natural remedy will not cause any side effects on your skin.

Use coconut oil to naturally lighten the nipple & add moisture

Coconut oil is safe for use on most skin types.

  • Apply about 1 teaspoon (4.9 mL) of coconut oil to each nipple, and let it soak into the skin.
  • Be patient and apply the oil every day.
  • This is one of the least expensive treatments for dark nipples.

Liquorice extract

This well-known trick is another amazing way to get rid of dark nipples naturally. Just take some liquorice extract and mix it with some water in case you’re using the powdery form and let it sit on your nipples till it dries off completely. Now, rinse it off after 7-8 hours. Liquorice extract is extremely beneficial for dark nipples and darkness in intimate areas.

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Avoid products that contain harmful bleaching ingredients

Do not use that product If you find it containing mercury-based ingredients or a more than 2% concentration of an ingredient called hydroquinone. These ingredients have been linked to harmful side effects, such as cancer.

Be sure to check the ingredients list carefully before using any product.

Never purchase products that are not approved for use in your country. This is dangerous and may possibly be illegal, depending on the item.

Vitamin C works great to lighten dark skin

Vitamin C prevents the production of pigments. Besides, it is an anti-oxidant that makes the skin healthy. You can use orange or lemon juice on your dark nipples. Don’t use if it irritates your skin. Vitamin C containing ingredients may also dry out the skin. So, use some herbal moisturizer afterward.

When to see your doctor

Changes in your breasts and areola are common throughout life and different situations, like puberty or breastfeeding. You should also see your doctor if you experience any signs of infection, including fever, pain, redness, or warmth.


Color of nipples can vary with skin tone, which is again hereditary. Caucasians have pink nipples, Southeast Asians have brown nipples, Africans have black or dark brown nipples, etc.

If you are a white and turned your nipples discolored, you can try the above treatments.

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