Know All About Miraculous Benefits Of Lemon For Health And Skin

Lemons are loaded with healthy benefits

Do you enjoy Lemon in your diet? If yes, Congratulations! you are already well on the way to good health because we have discover amazing health benefits of Lemon that you haven’t heard before.

  • Clean the inner system

Lemon water can flush out the toxins from the body and enhance the function of the enzymes.

  • Prevent obesity

Intake of lemonade helps in feeling fuller. It ultimately results in the suppression of hunger cravings which reduces the chances of unhealthy eating

  • Burning soles/feet

If you are having foot or heel pain then rub a sliced lemon over the effected area.

  • Prevent eye problems

Adding lemon juice in water helps in the protection from eye infections.

  • Cholera

Lemon has anti-viral properties that can kill cholera bacteria.

  • Heals Scars

Application of lemon juice can help in fading away the scars on the skin. Lemon acts as a cooling agent and can be used for curing burn spots, infection, swelling and insect bites. 

  • Cure Cold

Lemon has anti-viral properties that halt the progress of a cold. Take the juice of two lemons in 600 ml of warm water and add honey to taste. Drink that before bed time.

  • Cure Headaches:

Suffering from a headache? Next time when you feel your head heavy then add lemon to green tea. It is a natural cure for headaches as lemon has refreshing properties.

  • Prevent Kidney Stone’s Formation

Lemon helps prevent formation of kidney stones. Kidney can be painful so don’t forget to add lemon in your diet.

  • Prevent skin problems

Lemon juice is helpful for skin and hair. It should be combined  with other ingredients like aloevera, honey, Besan(chickpeas flour) etc

  • Good for heart

Lemon water is a source of potassium(K) which is helpful in a variety of body functions.

  • Cure sore throat

Lemon juice along with ginger, honey and a pinch of black salt added to with warm water acts as a remedy for a sore throat.


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