Siting For Hours Is Very Harmful To Your Health : Research

sitting in office

Today’s busy life, we are very busy in work and we can not take care of our health. We try our best to avoid bad habits in any way and if you are adopted then leave it soon. Even if we are not addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, but we still do such things in our daily routine which is harming our health.

Today’ s work culture is very hectic and all time we are sitting in the chair but this is very harmful to our health.

what the research says

According to research t if you are sitting for the longest time, then doing this thing is dangerous for you. While working on a computer in our office, waiting for someone, chatting around for hours, we definitely sit in one place. After research done on nine thousand people, it has been found that after sitting for more than an hour, there is a reduction in the body’s metabolism (digestive process), in which the level of cholesterol gets out of control.

According to research, due to lack of physical labor and irregularities, the heart-related diseases increases by 6 percent, the possibility of diabetes 7 percent and breast cancer increases by 10 percent. Sitting longer increases the risk of death according to a journal circulation, according to a research, the average number of working people in the office sit for nine to ten hours, while they can only sleep for seven hours. In this way, the habit can get dangerous consequences on their health. Research has shown that sitting is less dangerous than smoking for a new generation. According to this, the danger of death in people watching TV more than an hour increases by 11 percent.

many institutions of the world Keeping this in mind, many institutions across the world have adopted the tradition of standing working. There are some high-level desks made for work and stand up to work. At the same time, if someone has to do five meetings in a day, then he gives two meetings of the walking meeting or hiking meeting. so if you are sitting for a long time be aware because it’s very dangerous for whole life.


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