Why Soup is Served first before dinner? Read this to know


A formal dinner is a course meal, depending on the cuisine. For instance, the classical menu of the French comprises of 17 course or 13 course meal. Soup occupies the first or second positions before the actual main course is served. The courses are so laid out in a specific style and pattern in order to make the food consumption balanced and healthier.

It is over the lunch table or dinner table people tend to socialize. There are important meetings and talks conducted among the members in the group or between companies. Before the main course is brought over to the table, soup is served in small quantities. This acts as an appetizer and also provides people ample time for people to interact with one another.


Another perspective, soups are generally prepared quickly when compared to the main course. So, this acts as a quietener on the growling stomach. Yet another scientific perspective…when soup is consumed hot before the main meal, the digestive juices are activated/secreted in the digestive tract. This promotes perfect digestion of the meals.

Soups can be prepared well in advance, when we take into consideration the service perspective. It is easier to serve once people have gathered at the table for dinner.

Soup is considered an integral part of a formal meal as it gives enormous health benefits to people. It is a wealth of ingredients put into a bowl…having the perfect blend of proteins, carbs and fats, with minerals and vitamins that are essential to bring in the energy.

Hot soups are a big welcome in cold places. A rich soup when consumed before the actual meals will help the person cut out all the unnecessary high calorie food he or she would have consumed otherwise. In case you are on a diet and wish to avoid too much consumption of refined food, you can happily opt for nutrient rich soup that will take care of everything.


Soups are also known for slimming people. A bowl of rich tomato soup or a bowl of hot and sour soup or a bowl of sweet corn soup…wouldn’t they fill your stomach and at the same time provide your body with all the nutrients that are required? They would definitely.

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