Summer Eye Care: 11 Tips & Homemade Eye Packs For Healthy Eyes

Check out 11 useful tips, home remedies and homemade packs for summer eye care through which you can protect your eyes and care them during summer season.
Check out 11 useful tips, home remedies and homemade packs for summer eye care through which you can protect your eyes and care them during summer season.

In summer, we need to take more care of our skin especially the eyes but most of the people don’t know the importance of eyes and eye care.  Summers in India are always extreme. Chances are high that you could experience itchy eyes, cataract damage, dark circles, retinal damage, irritation and others eye problems in summers.

“Just as we use sunscreen and other protectants from the harmful UV rays of the sun, similarly we need to protect our eyes too. The sun’s ultraviolet rays pose many health concerns, including cataracts. This is why it is important to take precautions to shield your eyes.

Here are 11 useful tips & home remedies for summer eye care through which you can protect your eyes and care them during summer season.

Homemade Eye Care Packs in Summer

 Eye Care in Summer
Eye Care in Summer

Use cool tea bags to reduce dark circles

Used tea bags may also be helpful in reducing the dark-circles. Do not throw them but wash them and set them in freezer to relax. Lie down in bed and keep the cold tea bags over your vision for about 10-15 minutes. Keep your eyes closed.

Similarly, a cool tea bag helps to take care of your eyes. This gives you and helps to get rid of summer eye care. Soak the tea bag in cold water and apply it to your eyes. Place them for about 15 – 20 minutes. The tannins present in green tea help to reduce inflammation and also keeps your eyes bright and healthy.

Dark Circles & Eyes burning? Use Rose water

Dip cotton balls in rose water or chilled water. Place them over the darker areas on your eyes. Leave it for about 5-10 minutes.

You can also use rose water as eye drops for instant relief. Put 2 drops of organic rose water into the inflamed eye, twice a day.

Almond pack for well moisturized skin

Grind almonds and blend it with raw milk to form a paste. Apply this paste in your eyes. Leave it for about 20-25 minutes. Then, wash off back with cold water.


Milk is also a popular home remedy for itchy eyes. Cold milk soothes the burning sensation and eases discomfort of itchiness in the eyes. Take some chilled milk and dip a cotton pad and keep it on closed eyes for ten minutes. This method makes your tired eyes soothe.

Cucumber, curd and water  to get rid of eye dryness

This mixture is mostly preferred in summer as the eyes get relaxed by applying this for 10 min, and wash it off. You can also place two pieces of cucumber on your eyes before going off to bed or rather, just spray some rose water to keep your eyes fresh and cool.

Drink a lot of water

Dehydration is a great trouble we often face in summers. It does not only lead to a lack of water content in our bodies but, it also leads to dry and irritable eyes. Dehydration causes incapability of the tear glands to produce enough tears to keep our eyes moist. Dry eyes can lead to further eye problems. Therefore, it is a must to drink plenty of water in summers.

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11 Tips That Will Protect Your Eyes in Summers

 Eye Care in Summer
Eye Care in Summer is very important.
  1. Wear Sunglasses with Complete Ultraviolet Protection
  2. During morning hours, make sure always use sunglasses to protect the eyes from ultra violet rays.
  3. Use Goggles at the Pool
  4. Wash Hands and Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes
  5. Keep Children Safe and Start Young with Eye Protection
  6. Eat Healthy and Drink Plenty of Water
  7. Don’t forget a diet rich in Vitamin A. Leafy and red vegetables, should be your pick.
  8. Use eye drops of good quality
  9. Never ever sleep in contact lenses that are not approved for overnight wear. Always check the expiry date of your wetting solution.
  10. Get Adequate Sleep
  11. Quit smoking because smokers are at increased risk for developing cataracts. For healthy eyes, stop smoking right now!

Follow these simple tips and bring these eye home remedies to your rescue for relaxed eyes this summer!


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