Top 12 Sex Mistakes Women Make in Bed, According To Men

You always have sex in the dark? Learn the 12 common mistakes women are making in bed. And boys, send your women the link.
You always have sex in the dark? Learn the 12 common mistakes women are making in bed. And boys, send your women the link.

Think you know everything about sex? Unfortunately, there’s lots of room for error when it comes to matters of the body. Do you think women make no mistakes during sex?

The answer is ‘no’. Women make their share of sex mistakes too. So girls, here are 12 things you may want to watch out for. And boys, send your women the link.

You always have sex in the dark? Learn the 12 common mistakes women are making in bed. And boys, send your women the link.
Sex Mistakes
You never initiate sex.

Men love when you initiate sex, plain and simple. The best way to show your man that you want him is to make the first move, no matter how long you’ve been together.

Thinking sex ends when he climaxes.

Just because he’s fulfilled doesn’t mean you are.

Let him know you haven’t finished and help him find ways to get you there with his hands or mouth.

If he’s consistently too wiped out to give you the attention you deserve, Cox says, have your needs met before his next time.

You’re not confident.

Confidence is sexy, you know that! Owning your sexuality and not being insecure about your body—especially when you’re naked—is one of the hottest things you can do. Remember: Your guy is in bed with you to have fun, so why would he waste time searching for imperfections?

Not giving directions.

We all know that guys are notoriously bad when it comes to navigating without a map right? Then why do we assume that keeping our mouths shut during sex will get us to where we want to go? We need to communicate while having sex and be specific!!

You expect him to do all the work.

Sex is an activity that involves two people, and for it to be considered good, you have to be present. Don’t just lie there and expect him to do everything, take an active role—it’ll be better for both of you.

Unresponsiveness in bed.

Sex with a corpse can’t be that much of fun ha? Don’t just lie there and wait for it to finish. Participate, get involved, and move around. Get on top every once in a while, especially if you feel that he isn’t doing it right. Take control! Good sex is impossible to be boring, so if you’re bored it’s time to take things into your hands and shake things up until you’re not bored anymore. 10 Tips To Maintain Your Sexual Health & Have A Healthy Sex Life

Withholding Oral sex.

Many women avoid this subject completely. If you are not up for going down on your man, don’t leave him in the dark, communicate your feelings to him. Together you can reach a compromise.

Overreacting when he suggests something new.

Most of us do the same thing day in and day out. And whether it’s in the bedroom or the boardroom, routine can get boring. Men like looking at, trying out and experimenting with new things.

There’s nothing wrong about it. Suggesting something new is not a criticism of you. It’s simply a craving for variety. So have an open mind.  Also Read: Top 10 Sexual Hygiene Habits Men & Women Must Follow


Don’t assume that he’s just trying to finish up and be done with it. If anything, slowing him down should actually be the intention. Men love tantalizing fluttery neck kisses as much as you do.

You always have sex in the dark.

Sure, it can be sexy and natural to do it in the dark, but try keeping the lights on once in a while. Not only will this feel more spontaneous, but it’ll allow both of you to really see each other, which can be super-hot.

You never ask for anything.

Men aren’t mind readers, and most of the time they don’t know what you want, how you want it, or what you’re thinking unless you tell them. Communication is key, even in sex.

You lose your sexuality.

Once you’re in a committed relationship, it’s easy not to make sex a priority, but it really does matter. If you put your man or your relationship on a back burner, one day it’ll probably burn up, so try to remain interested in and willing to have sex. It doesn’t have to be every night, or even every week, but it should be something that you both make time for regularly.

So there you are ladies! We hope this information will help you. If you know of any other sex mistakes women make, please do tell us about them in the comments section or through email.

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