13 Secret Tips On How To Keep Your Vagina Clean & Healthy

So here are a few hygiene tips for a happy, healthy vagina that EVERY girl should know.
So here are a few hygiene tips for a happy, healthy vagina that EVERY girl should know.

You may have been taught early on to cleanse your vagina daily with strong soap or “feminine hygiene” sprays, but these practices can actually do more harm than good. Vagina is one of the most delicate and precious parts of our body, and requires special care and attention.

Let’s explore some habits for vagina health. Here are 13 things to keep in mind if you are the proud owner of a vagina. Below is some actually useful information for keeping your vaginal area clean.

So here are a few hygiene tips for a happy, healthy vagina that EVERY girl should know.
Healthy Clean Vagina
1. The vagina is “self-cleaning,” like an oven!

ISN’T THIS FUN? The vagina has a naturally low pH, which discourages the growth of outside organisms and maintains a clean atmosphere pretty well on its own. So there’s really no need to be shoving soaps up there in an effort to clean it.

2. You can clean your vulva if you like, but it’s important to treat it delicately.

The best thing to cleanse [your vulva] with is plain water. Any time you use any soap or anything else, there’s a chance of causing irritation. The vagina and the vulva are the most sensitive tissues in the body-to harsh soaps, fragrances, and all other possible allergens. The less soap the better. If you want to use a soap, use gentle pH balanced washes.

3. Don’t douche

Douching actually eliminates some of that healthy bacteria, which changes the pH and makes you more susceptible to infections.

4. Check your lube ingredients

Lubrication is amazing. It can take sex to the next level for everyone involved. Still, there are some ingredients that aren’t very healthy for your body.

Glycerin, for one, is related to sugar. While it works great to keep lubes moist, it can also contribute to bacteria growth in the vagina. Petroleum products are also no-nos because they can ruin the vagina’s natural pH level. Other things you may want to avoid include:

  • parabens
  • scents
  • flavors
  • nonnatural oils
  • dyes
5. Wear cotton undies 

When it comes to your underwear selection, your vagina has a preference: cotton. That’s why most undies come with a strip of cotton in the crotch.

It’s all about that breathability—cotton lets air in and absorbs moisture.  And thongs — while practical! — can whisk bacteria into the urethra because they’re so close-fitting, and that heightens your risk for a UTI (ouch). So choose your panties wisely.

6. Wipe front to back

Probably you don’t remember the exact lessons you learned while being potty trained, and going pee is something you just do with zero thought. But maybe apply a little bit of critical thinking to the wiping step. Wiping from front to back lessens the odds that bacteria from your rectum will wind up near your vagina or urethra. Bacteria near the rectum is fine when it stays near the rectum. Elsewhere, it can lead to infections and irritation. Also Read: 9 Secret Facts Everyone With A Vagina Must Know

7. Don’t put anything that was in your butt in your vagina

This goes back to the “wipe from front to back” principal. The bacteria in your rectum and anus is different from the bacteria in the rest of your body. Keep things where they belong! This applies to fingers, toys, penises, condoms, etc.

8. Stay dry

To prevent yeast infections, change out of damp clothes like wet bathing suits and sweaty workout attire as quickly as possible. You should also wash sweaty clothes after each use.

9. Practice safer sex

One of the best and easiest things you can do for vaginal health is practice safer sex. Here are a few tips to staying safe:

Use protection. That could be a condom, dental dam, or gloves. It’s not rocket science, and you already know you should, so just do it.

Get tested regularly for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). You should get tested after any partners you exchange genital fluids with.

Mind the order of your sex acts. Going from butt play to vaginal play can increase the likelihood that you’ll get an infection, such as those painful urinary tract infections (UTIs). If anal is your thing, make sure you do it after vaginal sex, not before.

Make sure you check condom ingredients. There are a ton of brands that are made with spermicides. Spermicides aren’t very healthy for the vagina, as they can kill good bacteria in there, too. Use other forms of birth control if available to make for a happier, healthier vagina.  Also Read: Top 10 Sexual Hygiene Habits Men & Women Must Follow

10. Pee after Sex

Peeing after sex can help reduce the likelihood of UTIs. Plus, it helps you get in some discrete clean-up time.

11. Take Extra Care During Periods

Maintaining hygiene during periods is very very crucial as the chance of an infection is almost double during this time of the month. You should prefer changing your sanitary pads frequently (every four to five hours). It’s a good idea to opt for menstrual cups over tampons as they are environment-friendly and chemical-free. They also do not cause any skin irritation or disrupt the pH level.

BONUS – You can rinse it out after every few hours.

12. Eat Healthy

A good immunity is a key to protecting yourself from any disease or infection.

13. Exercise

Exercises such as the kegel exercise or cycling help in strengthening the pelvic muscles and thereby helps in maintaining a healthy vagina.

These are a few tips that can help you in taking care of your vagina. Practice them on a daily basis and keep the infections at bay.

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