8 Ridiculous Myths About Virginity We Must Believing In Right Now

If you masturbate, does that mean you're not a virgin? Here are famous virginity myths & facts.
If you masturbate, does that mean you're not a virgin? Here are famous virginity myths & facts.

Virginity is often presented in simple, black and white terms: have you had sex, or have you not. Even today, in many cultures it’s very important for a girl to be a virgin when she gets married. And there are many myths and misconceptions around virginity because of lack of sex education and misconceptions.

There is a whole lot of misinformation out there about what virginity is, and who is or is not a virgin.

Here are some of the myths we’ve heard most about the hymen and its connection to virginity.

If you masturbate, does that mean you're not a virgin? Here are famous virginity myths & facts.
Virginity myths & facts
An intact hymen means you’re a virgin.

A hymen is no more than a thin membrane which is present at the opening of the vagina. Scientifically, it does not mark a woman’s virginity in any way. Because there are multiple reasons that can cause the hymen to hemorrhage, like cycling, horseback riding, gymnastics, among other things. Also, there’s a chance that a woman does not even have one. So, all this myth about hymen breaking=losing virginity is pure bull’s crap.

Losing your virginity makes your vagina loose.

Do not, under any circumstances, believe that loosing your virginity will have your vagina looking like a sloppy bear. No, it doesn’t. In fact, even after many years of having sex, your vagina will not become loose at all. The only thing that can alter your vajayjay is old age, natural childbirth and lifestyle habits. Also Read: 11 Sexual Health Tips Every Man Needs to Know..

If you use a tampon, you’re not a virgin.

Inserting a tampon inside your vagina does not in any way mean that you’ve lost your virginity. A tampon stops your menstrual blood from creating a crime scene. It is in no way an object of pleasure at all.

If you masturbate, you’re not a virgin.

Masturbation is an act of pleasing oneself and satisfying one’s own sexual needs. If you masturbate, I’d say do it more. Because, trust me, it does not take your ‘virginity’ away. But it does give an insane amount of satisfaction.

You will bleed and the sex will be painful during the first time.

That’s absolutely untrue. The definition of sex changes from person to person and couple to couple. You might bleed, you might not. Whatever it is, be assured that it does not determine anything. Every body is different and while some women bleed a lot during their first time, some women don’t at all. As far as pain is concerned, it all depends on your partner.

Note: Breakage of hymen is not the only reason that can make you bleed and cause you pain.

Strangers can tell.

Are you sensing a pattern here? Other people cannot tell if you are a virgin. Having sex does not change the way you walk. Unless you specifically tell them, they can. not. know.

Sex within marriage is the “healthiest” kind.

Unfortunately, a marriage license isn’t a magical key to a “healthy” and pleasurable sex life. In fact, sex within marriage is not even always consensual, and sadly, rape occurs within the institution of marriage every day. Remaining a virgin until marriage doesn’t guarantee a “healthy” sex life any more than having sex before marriage does. Never Ever Say These 9 Things During Sex!

Slut-shaming plays an important social role by discouraging “risky” behavior.

Slut-shaming (as opposed to educating and empowering by providing comprehensive sexuality education) doesn’t discourage risky behavior or encourage healthy sex, it simply perpetuates a culture of shame, fear, and silence around sex and sexuality that has very real and dangerous ramifications for everyone, not just girls and women. Also, it’s important to note that while feminists have talked a lot about the harmful nature of slut-shaming, virgin shaming can be just as harmful, and is something we need to actively discourage as well.

Most importantly, your body is yours to own. Don’t fall prey to such manufactured myths about sex and virginity. Just practice safe sex.

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