7 Biggest Lies & Myths About Weight Loss You Must Know

There is a lot of bad weight loss advice on the internet.
There is a lot of bad weight loss advice on the internet.

There is a lot of bad weight loss advice on the internet. Most of it is either unproven, or literally proven not to work. Are you determined to regain your dream body shape? To do this, you must know how to differentiate between what is true and what is false when it comes to weight loss.

So, let us talk about more in detail about some common myths, facts and logic behind weight loss.

There is a lot of bad weight loss advice on the internet.
Weight Loss

If you exercise a lot, you can eat anything you want

To lose weight, you must reduce your calorie intake and increase physical activity. If you stuff yourself with dessert after every meal, you won’t have enough time in a day to burn off all of the calories you have accumulated. Aim for balance: exercise regularly, eat better and have smaller portions, but be sure to eat until you are satisfied. This is a strategy that will bring you favourable results.

Exercise is enough, no need of dieting

Exercise is beneficial for many reasons but when it comes to weight loss, a proper weight loss diet plays a vital role.If you eat 1 chicken sandwich, you consume 400 to 500 calories, you need to burn these calories by working out for at least for an hour. Now imagine a scenario where you would have made a healthier choice. In that case, a half an hour workout would have been enough.

Supplements Can Help You Lose Weight

The weight loss supplement industry is massive. There are all sorts of different supplements out there that claim to have dramatic effects, but they are never very effective when studied.

The main reason they can work for some people is the placebo effect. People fall for the marketing and want the supplements to help them lose weight, so they become more conscious of what they eat.

That being said, there are a few supplements that can have a modest effect on weight loss. The best ones may help you lose a few pounds over several months.

 All calories are equal

Yes and no. For people who want to lose weight, paying attention to calories and where they come from is important. But as mentioned above, many health experts will argue that drinking a zero-calorie soda is not better for you than a handful of almonds. Still, studies show that keeping a food diary is often a helpful way for people to get insight into what they are eating. Understanding where most of a person’s calories are coming from can help identify where changes may be needed. Also Read: You Should Drink This HomeMade Mosambi Juice For Weight Loss

People need more willpower to lose weight

A person’s success or failure at weight loss is not a reflection of their willpower reserve. There are many factors—genetic, environmental and otherwise—that play into a person’s size, and a growing body of research shows that when people lose weight, biological factors come into play, making it harder for them to keep weight off after it’s gone.

Fat Makes You Fat

Body fat is stored fat. So, eating more fat should make us store more of it. It seems logical.

However, it turns out that things aren’t this simple. There is nothing uniquely fattening about fat, except that it is often found in calorie-dense junk foods.

As long as calories are within range, fat does not make you fat. Additionally, diets that are high in fat (but low in carbs) have been shown to cause weight loss in numerous studies (13).

As with so many things in nutrition, this depends entirely on the context.

Eating a lot of fat along with a high-carb, high-calorie, junk food-based diet will definitely make you fat. But it’s not just because of the fat.

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