Health: 7 Reasons Why It Is Not Healthy To Eat White Rice

White rice disadvantages
PC: INTERNET- White rice is considered safe if consumed in moderation.

Rice is a cereal grain and the favorite meal of about half of the population of the world. Rice is definitely not a bad thing. But when we mindlessly gobble huge portions of it, we can face many health problems. Too much rice is actually very unhealthy and can make you gain weight and clog up your blood vessels.

Know more harmful effects of consuming white rice.

White rice disadvantages
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1. A study found that people who eat more white rice are at increased risk for type 2 diabetes as compare to those who consume brown rice. Consumption of white rice in large quantity will cause the blood sugar levels to shoot up.

2. All rice are carbohydrate-dense and eating too much may cause you to eat too little of the other important nutrients needed to ensure good health. Too much of carbohydrate is very bad for your body and health.

3. Few researchers have found that individuals in Asian countries consumed about 3 to 4 servings of white rice per day. In Western countries, they only consumed about 1-2 servings per week. Researchers believe by increasing the amount of servings of white rice per person per day will also increase the diabetes risk by 10%.

4. Some nutritionists call white rice an empty source of calories and recommend avoiding it as it will only add up kilos.

5. Eating too much of white rice can also make your stomach feel heavier. That is the reason why many experts advise to avoid it at night.

6. Rice is very high in carbohydrates. That is why eating too much rice may affect glucose metabolism and insulin production in your body.

7. White rice is low in fibre and lacks essential nutrients to a point where it disrupts body processes. It does not contain good amount of vitamins or minerals and is easily digested.

Don’t think that you shouldn’t eat rice as it is still a very healthy food. But if you eat too much, it will become unhealthy. White rice is considered safe if consumed in moderation. So, It is important that you do not over eat rice.


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