Top 5 Facts Of Maldives That Will surely Insist You To Visit!

Maldives tour
Top 5 Facts Of Maldives That Will Surly Insist You To Visit!

Maldives a place where you find natural beauty with the piece of mind in your budget. Maldives is full of beautiful islands with perfect touring places. One thing you should know about Maldives that this island is situated only 1m above of sea level and facing the very serious condition of global warming. So visit this place before it to drown. We are sharing some amazing facts about Maldives that will surely blow your mind.

5Baros Island

Baros Island

If you are looking for a place away from the crowd, this is an ideal place to be. Baros is a highly rated and popular island in Maldives. With sun-kissed beaches and boutique luxury resort, this island is famous for its natural elegance and beautiful corals. Baros has a number of water villas as well as island resorts providing luxe amenities, along with a few restaurants and bars in the vicinity. In Baros, you can dip your feet in the cyan-blue water and relax your muscles in the spa. For the adventure spirited couples, there are also a number of watersports.

4Mihiri Island

Mihiri Island

The resort in Mihiri island is perhaps built for those who love a complete detoxing environment as no television sets are provided. I mean, why would you even need one? Mihiri Island Resort offers excellent rooms that are made ideal for honeymooners along with Adam and Eve spa treatments. The resort has around 30 water villas and a few island resorts. The island restaurants offer exquisite food over romantic dinner. However, to partake in some fun activities, the island also has diving and snorkelling water sports options made available.

3Manta Point

Manta Point

Manta area is the diving area, in which tourists can enjoy a lot, by seeing large numbers of Manta rays being fed and cleaned by wrasses. After being cleaned, they swim gracefully to the reef feeding.Whether you are an experienced diver or a novice one, you will surely enjoy this unique and exciting diving experience that Manta Point offers.

2 HP Reef

HP Reef

In your Maldives tour, you will enjoy a lot of amazing waters and reefs there, if you are looking for diving sites, Hp Reef is one of the famous spots for the tourists. Where you can explore several superb coral reef formations and colourful fish underwater. Hp Reef is located at the North Male Atoll, and also considered the famous tourist’s destination.

1Heart Island

Heart Island

This was our 6th island visited in the Maldives, probably one of the smallest, food was amazing, staff everywhere were so friendly and helpful, we had rough seas and wind during our stay which meant we were unable to snorkel the house reef and the beach access was difficult, this was a real shame as I don’t think we saw the island at its best. The stingray feeding on the beach every evening was superb. It was our first speedboat transfer and definitely our last! Maybe because it was so choppy it was not fun.




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