Mental Health : Understanding the silent predator of health

mental health problem and disorder
One of the emerging disorders, the upcoming generation has started witnessing is still the most lightly taken subject of all.
Mental Health has been something which has been considered either too taboo to be talked about or too casual to be paid attention.
Whatever be the cause of our deliberate ignorance,this silent predator has taken an entire population by storm.
Mental health or in layman’s term “peace of mind ” has become more of an extinct concept. Fast pacing millennials , ultra stressful lives ,disruption of sleep pattern, deteriorating inter-human interactions has led the youngsters to a monotonous mental outlook shaping in the form of fierce mental disorders.
Let us understand the concept through an example.
Depression is a major mental health disorder. It is emerging in the population at one of the fastest pace any disorder can emerge yet the irony is, people hardly talk about it or give it a chance to be cured deeming it too casual to be talked about. So much worse is the condition that depression which is growing like an enormous tumour among the young population has led to extreme measures such  as suicide and self mutilation.
People like these are also shunned from the society. And sometimes even parents fail to understand the cause and term it as the incapability of the child and thus resorting to excuses.
Any disease which deters the well being of one’s  mental constitution is fatal because in such diseases medication provides relief only to some extent mainly focusing on the curbing of symptoms.
It is high time now that people understand the root and lend an empathetic ear to all those who suffer from such mental disorders and support them in every way possible.
Here is list of some Mental Health problems :

1Adjustment disorder

This mental disorder happens when person cannot cope with or adjust to stressors. The symotoms seen are being sad, constant worries, feeling anxious, crying and losing interest.

2Anxiety disorder

Anxiety Disorder can be classified into two i.e. due to extreme worry about past, present or future; and due to fear of an object or situation. Stress from life events, past abuse, being intimidated or health worries, can trigger anxiety problems for many people. Symptoms that can be seen are  headache, spasms in the muscle, trembling, fatigue and exhaustion.


It is disturbance or loss of memory, when a person cannot remember certain things. Amnesia can be caused due to brain damage, injury, a disease or very high stress. There are mainly two categories, Anterograde where people cant remember for long period of time. Another is retrograde amnesia where a person can’t recall from a certain date or day.


Autism Spectrum Disorder is group of complex disorder of brain development, when a person cannot act in a way we think is normal. They find it very difficult to learn a new behaviour. Autism is a lifelong condition when a person finds difficult relating to his environment and other people.

5Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental health problem where a person will have repeated, long-lasting feelings of high and low mood. It may occur with or withou in cycle of the mood.


Depression is a mental illness, not as thought by many the only feeling of sadness. It can cause many symptoms like not wanting to be around people, appetite change, change in behaviour, anxiety and sometimes hallucinations.

Other Mental Health problems not listed are, conduct disorder, obssesive-compulsive personality disorder, mental retardation, panic attacks, and many more.


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