Obesity Problem In Kids, Be Alert


Childhood is a state when we are careless about anything, we do not know what is right, what is wrong, whether it is a matter of playing, it is a matter of studies and it is a matter of recklessness, It is because of food habits , because in childhood, children are more interested in eating those things which are harmful to health, whether it is fast-food, chips, The division. But because of this, children have to cope with obesity problems at an early age. But if children get used to it at a very early age, they should avoid such things which are harmful to them, then they can avoid this problem.

What The Study Says

At present approximately 1.44 million children are overweight in the country. Worldwide, about 2 billion children and adults are suffering from obesity problems. About this, the IMA says that nowadays, obesity growth rate in children is much higher than in adults.

Figures show that in the case of obese children, India is second largest in the world after China. Obesity can be identified in childhood by measuring b body mass index or BMI. 85% to 95% of children with BMI are considered obese. Overweight and obese children may be vulnerable to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases at an early age.

According to doctors, “Obesity is increasing in children across the world, India is not untouched by this, whose biggest cause is junk food, watching more TVs of children and spending more time on the computer.

What is the problem with obesity 

In childhood, overweight and obesity are diseases like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, and therefore, there is a great need to prevent obesity in children. “Diseases like sleep apnea in children and adolescents with obesity and Social and psychological problems can be more, due to which they may have to face problems like lack of self-esteem.How to Avoid These Problems

How to Avoid These Problems

According to the doctors, it is very important for the development of good habits in children, because physical activity is very important from the right age, if weight and obesity are high then children may have more diseases such as sleeping disorder and social and psychological problems, The lack of self esteem can be the most noticeable thing is that it is very important to keep children away from TV because often saved The longer the child TV so will their mental flank also adversely affect health and if psychologically child not correct his physical development is not well.

We can not force the emphasis on children, but they can understand love and correctly. And they can change their habits.




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