20 reasons not to do YOGA

Yoga health benefits
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Yoga is an ancient Indian art practiced and deciplined all around the globe. Patanjali was the pioneer of yoga, wrote books on it. Yoga claims to improve health by using breathing techniques, meditation and excercise.

The yoga origins are speculated to pre-Vedic Indian traditions, but most likely developed in sixth and fifth century BCE. Let’s see how yoga affects you, and decide why you must not try yoga, the ancient health therepy :

2Build muscle strength

You don’t need muscles for only showing but they help in maintaining correct postures of the body. Strong muscles also prevents back pain and arthritis. Gym only gives you muscle, but yoga strengthens muscles with balancing flexibility.

3Perfects posture

Yoga asanas practiced correctly will make your pustures correct. Incorrect postures cause joint pains, which may lead to pain and arthritis. So to avoid joint pains and stress on muscles we need must walk, stand, sit or sleep in right posture which can be achieved by practicing yoga.

4Prevent cartilage and joint breakdown

When you practice yoga, your every joint is used in the exercise. The movement of joints in full range motion due to yoga makes them more durable, preventing degenrative arthritis. Regular use of joints or parts which are not used slowly degenerate. The cartilage is regenerated when they are regularly used, which is helped by yoga.

5Protect your spine

Most yoga asanas require bending and twists of your spine. It makes your backbone more flexible and the movement helps to get more nutrients for its maintainance. So it makes our spine more durable and strong.

6Increases blood flow in all body parts

When you do yoga asanas, specially relaxing poses the blood flow increases in your body. The flow is more due to contraction and relaxation of the muscles used in yoga. Some asanas also require you to be upside-down, making more blood flow in brain, hands and other upper body parts. You can even avoid blood clot and heart attacks by practicing yoga.

7Make you bones stronger and healthier

It is proved by science, lifting weights can makes your bones stronger. Some yoga poses require to lift your own weight, which makes the bones healthy and maintain the bone density.

8Drains your Lymphs and boosts immunity

When you do several poses in asanas, you move your muscles and organs in different positions. It helps in draining lymph, a liquid rich in immune cells. Thus yoga increases our immunity.

9Ups your heart rate

Yoga makes your heart rate reach the aerobic range. It lowers your risk of heart attack and relieves depression. It also improves cardiovascular conditions.

10Drops blood pressure

Yoga is proven to cure hypertension. Some yoga asanas like savasana help in droping blood pressure and releive from stress.

11Regulate adrenal gland

Yoga helps in lowering cortisol level in body. Cortisol is secreted by adrenal gland which boosts immune function in our body. But regular and high cortisol level can compromise your immune system. It can cause depression, oesteoporosis, high blood pressure and insulin resistance.

12Makes you happier

As yoga improves your health, improve in depression state thus makes you happier and healthier.

13Lowers blood sugar

Yoga helps in lowering cortisol and adreline levels. This helps to reduce blood sugar and LDL in body and boosting HDL. It also encourage weight loss and improve sesitivity o finsulin effect.

14Helps to focus

Yoga practice also include meditation and poses which require concentraion to do them properly. It improves your coordination, reaction time, memory and even IQ. This makes your mind to focus more on single things by regular practice of yoga.

15Improves balance

Regular practice of yoga helps in proprioception and improves balance. The asanas help yur body to feel the posture and make balance of your body according to the posture in the asana. It makes body less wobbly and balance in improved.

16Boosts immune system functionality

Pranayam and asanas helps in immune system growth, but meditation is most effectful in balancing the immune system. It can help in lowering or increasing the immune system functions according to the needs of body.

17Gives your lungs more room to breathe

Yoga practice require you to practice breathing techniques, where you breathe more volume in lesser number of breaths. This is called ‘Complete breathing’. It is practiced by yogis increasing oxygen level thus avoiding many health problems.

18IBS prevention and other digestive health problems

During yoga asanas, you move your body in different postures, which helps to moves the stomach area. It helps in better bowel movement in body and better digestion.

19Keeps you away from drugs

When you start practicing yoga, you live healthier lifestyle and thus avoid medication. It keep your body drug free. Your body start healing itself with better immune system, digestive system and respiratory system.

20Uses sounds to soothe your sinuses

Yoga also include chanting which facilitates prolonged exhalation. It is proven that humming sounds like ‘OM’ open sinuses and facilitates drainage system.



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