Let’s feel something different

Let's feel something different
Let's feel something different

Life is like a dish has many flavours, taste colour and aroma that makes our life different. Sarcasm is that word that explains every type of aroma of our life. So it could be sometimes fun and sometimes sorrow.

Sarcasm is “a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter jibe or taunt”. Sarcasm may employ ambivalence although sarcasm is not necessarily ironic. The distinctive quality of sarcasm is present in the spoken word and manifested chiefly by vocal inflexion.” The sarcastic content of a statement will be dependent upon the context in which it appears. this word is making our life spicy.

1Be happy

Be happy

sometimes we have to be happy without any cause that moment make our life meaningful

2This makes sense

This makes sense
This makes sense

sometimes this is really crazy and logical as well.

3Technically  great

Technically  great

sometimes this is tooooo environmental lover with technical knowledge

4Do not interfere

Do not interfere 
Do not interfere

sometimes we want that nobody should interrupt in our personal lives without any reason

5Tagged feature

Tagged feature
Tagged feature

sometimes we hope for the  best to our besties


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