9 Things Men Really Want Women To Do In Bed

“You were awesome” With just a few simple tricks, you can become the seductress that you always wanted to become!
“You were awesome” With just a few simple tricks, you can become the seductress that you always wanted to become!

We all know men like getting blow jobs, fantasize about threesomes, and generally just love sex and want it all the time. But there are more things men really want in bed and wish women knew. They also want good and exciting, awesome sex just like we do. It’s not just up to the man to make it happen. With just a few simple tricks, you can become the seductress that you always wanted to become!

“You were awesome” With just a few simple tricks, you can become the seductress that you always wanted to become!
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Initiate Once In A While

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Traditionally, men are the ones who initiate sex. They’re wired that way as a result of their ancient hunter ancestors.

Most men love to take charge and are cool with initiating sex most of the time. But it can get old when he has to be the one to do it every time.

Remember how guys need to feel wanted? When you never initiate sex, your man might start to feel like you’re not attracted to him.

Judgement free zone

Men want to be intimate with you — and to ask for things — without feeling judged or criticized. Be open and loving. And if you want him to do something differently, Solin suggests instead of saying, “You never …” try, “It would feel great if you would do this.”

And DON’T take it personally if he loses his erection. This is so important! “Men, if they are tired or stressed, are not always able to maintain an erection,

Be Prepared

Believe it or not, guys like it when we are prepared for sex. According to Women’s Health Magazine, men actually like it when we come over with a condom. Instead of thinking we are out on the prowl for sex, they are happy to know that we take responsibility for our own sexual health. Carrying a condom shows that we are mature and stable enough to be in an adult relationship with someone who is also concerned about his own health.

Let Him Look

Men love to look at our bodies. We are beautiful to them even if we think we are less than perfect. Stretch marks, belly fat, and a bit of extra rump don’t matter to him. What matters is that you are willing to be open and intimate with just him, so get up on top to give him the full view or make love to him in front of a mirror. Give him all that he wants and more.

Give Him Praise

Men love to hear a bit of praise. Between work and life’s other obligations, praise is probably one of the things that is missing from his life, so give it to him. In the bedroom, men like to know what they are doing right instead of always being told what they are doing wrong. In fact, if you keep pointing out all the things he does wrong, he will begin to feel that nothing he does is right and he will want to give up. Give him encouragement and when he does something that makes you feel good, let him know about it.

Try Different Position

Missionary sex in the bedroom can get boring after awhile. Don’t be afraid to change things up. Guys want us to be more spontaneous in the sex department. This includes doing it in different places, trying different positions, and even trying out a few kinks. Sometimes nothing says “I love you” better than handcuffs and a blindfold. Never Ever Say These 9 Things During Sex!

Be Vocal

Guys love it when you let loose and get loud. A woman who can express herself in the bedroom is a huge turn on.

Whether it’s moaning and groaning or uninhibited screaming, they appreciate the feedback that whatever they’re doing is working. Guys need to know they’re doing a good job. They want to know that they’re driving you so wild that you can’t help but scream in ecstasy.

Tell him what to do.

Guys and girls are different and sometimes guys need to hear what you want. It’s o.k. to shout out loud, “hey – put your tongue on this!” It actually helps everyone!  Also Read: 6 Most Important Tips To Improve Sex Power & Sex Life

Rub him everywhere else too.

Yes,his penis is his number one erogenous zone. But don’t neglect his less boneriffic parts — a back rub shows you care about him, not just getting him off. Also Read: Why Men Don’t Moan & How To Make Your Guy Moan in Bed

Now that we’ve read through that laundry list of requests, what do you wish men did more of in the sack?

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