7 Things You Will Only Understand If you Are A Short Girl

Short Height Problems
There are a lot of things short people have to deal with. 

When you are a short girl, you live with your set of dilemmas. Even reaching for a bag of chips in the grocery store can become a stretching session. There are a lot of things you(If you are short) have to deal with.

Here are 7 things that you’ll only understand if you’re short.

Short Height Problems
Short Height Problems

1. You proudly ask strangers to reach things

You feel there is no hesitation in that and you are proud to accept help from a stranger when you’re trying to reach a high shelf at the grocery store.

2. People use you as an arm rest.

Your tall friends and siblings feels like they can use your shoulder (or head) as an armrest. Man! Tell them to stop it! Are you a furniture?

3. You’re always looking up to talk to people

Whenever you talk tall people, you always look up as if you are looking at the sky.

4. Never touching the ground in chairs

Your feet don’t touch the floor and you get to swing your feet like a little kid. You always try your best to perch yourself on the edge and hope you don’t fall off.

5. Grocery store is your gym

Even reaching for a bag of chips in the grocery store can become a serious exercise in stretching. Well! that’s good!

6. Group picture struggle

You are always the one missing in the picture because your tall friends have their head kissing the sky.

7. Getting on bike is super tough

You always have to take a deep breath before you try to get your leg up.

8. Climbing is your specialty

You can climb anything and everything to get what you need be it in the top of cupboard, boxes etc.

C,mon beautiful people, you are not short, you are cute. So rock the way you are!

Do you have any other struggle every short girl can relate to!? Share in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!



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