Ghee is ‘health food’ used for thousand of years. It was quickly adopted in diet, ceremonial practices and Ayurvedic healing practices. Ghee benefits body from inside as well as outside, like used in burns and rashes or to moisturize skin and skalp. Lets see how Ghee is good for health :

2. It is Rich in Fat Soluble Vitamins A, D and E

3. The Ghee is Suitable for Individuals with Casein and Lactose Sensitivities

4. Ghee Made From Grass-Fed Cows Contains CLA

5. Ghee Contains Butyrate, an Essential Short-Chain Fatty Acid

6. It Tastes like Butter, But is “Butterier”

7. Ghee Builds Strong Bones With Vitamin K2

8. It Supports Weight Loss, Like Coconut Oil

9. Helps Improves Digestion

10. Ghee Reduces Inflammation



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