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5 types of street food you must try in Dehradun !


Dehradun, a popular tourist destination and capital of Uttarakhand, is a picturesque city with pleasant climate. People from across the country visit this place during summer vacation. The Malsi Deer Park, Tapkeshwar temple and Mindrolling monastery are some of the tourist attractions that are popular. But, the most interesting part of any trip is probably the food and Dehradun offers you a variety of options from North Indian food to authentic Tibetan delicacies. We are giving you a list of lip-smacking food that you must try at these famous eateries in Dehradun.

Maggi at Maggi Points


Maggi Points are famous among families and lovers. Located on the Dehradun-Mussoorie Road, these road side hawker sheds serve hot and spicy Maggi noodles and other snacks. Stop by one of these sheds on your way to Mussoorie and enjoy the delicious noodles.

Chilli Momos at Kalsang


Kalsang, located on Rajpur road, serves authentic Tibetan and Chinese food. All the dishes are delicious but chilli momos stands out. The steamy, soft momos with spicy gravy is something you must try. You will be committing a sin if you forget to try this heavenly food.

Bun Tikki at Dwarka Store Chowk

People in Dehradun love Bun Tikkis and the best Bun Tikki is served at Bun Tikki Wala, which is located at Dwarka Store Chowk. This Bun Tikki stall is Dehradun’s oldest stall and is famous among locals.

Ras Malai at Kumar Sweets


After all this spicy food, it’s time for some sweets. Just head to Kumar Sweets for some delicious ras malai served in small earthen pots. The soft ras malai with few strands of saffron is not to be missed. This place is heaven for people with sweet tooth. Each sweet is mouth-watering. You can also try some of the savoury snacks offered by the shop.

Bread roll at The Buffet Snacks Shop

Located on Rajpur road, The Buffet Snacks Shop is among the famous fast food joints in the city. People flock to this place for snacks and it serves the most scrumptious bread rolls and veg sandwiches. The shop also serves burgers, milkshakes, and coffee.




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