5 Best food of Indore that you will love for sure. Check them out!

Poha jalebi
Poha jalebi

Apart from the famous Lal Bagh Palace and the Central Museum, there’s a lot of other things about Indore that will leave you speechless. The most important bit therein, being the food! The street food of Indore, to be specific, is extremely popular across the country. The street food of Indore has its roots based in recipes from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. These three combined will serve to give you a delicious meal that will have you smiling all day!

Keep reading to find out all about the popular dishes that you can sample on the streets of Indore and where to go for the same.

1 Dahi Bada – Soft vadas & yummy masalas!

Dahi Bada

Dahi Bada, or Dahi Vada as we call it, is extremely famous in Indore. The best place to taste most of the street food dishes is at Sarafa Bazaar. Try out the Dahi Bada at Joshi Dahi Bada House, Sarafa. The badas here are prepared in style, with them sometimes being tossed in the air, much like a pizza base! The masala sprinkled on it is out of this world and you must taste it to believe it.
Cost For Two: Rs 100

2Poha Jalebi – A combination of sweet, spicy & crunchy!

Poha jalebi

This is a very popular breakfast dish among the citizens of Indore. While you might wonder how the sweetness of jalebi and the saltiness of poha will be together, the truth is, it’s a wonderful combination! Farsan or namkeen sev is also sprinkled on the poha, to add a crunchy texture to the soft grains. Biting into a juicy jalebi in the midst of eating poha, will provide your tastebuds with a truly delightful experience. You will find the best Poha Jalebi at Young Tarang, Chappan Dukan.

Cost For Two: Rs 300

3Khatta Samosa – Delicious triangles stuffed with a unique filling!


Who doesn’t love samosas, right? In Indore, the samosas taste really different. They are rightly called khatta, as they have a pleasantly tangy taste. It’s served with their signature chutney on the side, which helps add a bit of sweetness to the tanginess. The most delicious Khatta Samosas can be had at Swadisht Samosa Corner in Sarafa Bazaar.
Cost For Two: Rs 50

4Moong Bhajiya – The most crisp, hot & popular Indore snack!

Moong bhajiya

You cannot go to Indore and come back without having tasted the scrumptious moong bhajiyas! They can be had as an evening snack and perhaps even for breakfast. They are always served fresh and piping hot, which only goes to add to their wonderful taste. The best place to indulge in these bhajiyas is Uncleji Ke Moong Bhajiye, located at Anoop Nagar.

Cost For Two: Rs 80

5Mawa Baati – A larger than life gulab jamun with a nutty filling!

Mawa Baati

Mawa Baati is one of the most delicious sweets of Indore. It is, for all intents and purposes, like a large gulab jamun. It’s filling consists of crispy and rich nuts. You can taste the Mawa Baati at any of the stalls along Chappan Dukan. If two of you plan to eat this dessert, it will definitely not cost you more than Rs 100.




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