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This Beautiful Place Is In India Must Visit!

Umngot river
This Beautiful Place Is In India!

India is known for its natural diversity. If you are love to travel and loves natural beauty than this is only for you.

Meghalaya, aptly named as “Abode of the Clouds,” is a paradise in the hills! The lavish natural beauty of this Northeastern state surely takes one’s breath away and makes one want to settle down here. Blessed with gorgeous forests, mountains, valleys, caves, rivers and lakes.

One such natural wonder of Meghalaya lies at Dawki, which is known for its crystal clear blue water of the Umngot river, and possibly India’s cleanest river.

The Bangladeshi border

Umngot river
This Beautiful Place Is In India!

As the Bangladesh border is just on the other side of the river, it is the easy one to cross over into Bangladesh, though illegally. Dawki serves as a trade route between India and Bangladesh and Tamabil is the official border between the countries.

Located about 90 km away from the state capital Shillong,  a drive to Dwaki will pass through beautiful curvaceous roads that provide stunning views of valleys and waterfalls along the journey.

Nature’s Gift

Only travellers know that feeling of intense happiness which they get on finding a sensational marvel. Umngot river in Meghalaya is such an amazement to look at. The absolute clear waters of the river put the river bottoms to a naked display. You can have a glass-like transparent look from the river surface to the bottom. Umngot river flows through Dawki which is a small town in the East Jaintia Hills district near the Bangladesh border.

Umngot river
Beauty of nature

The feeling of “flying over the water” is what it seems to a distant person. And the feeling of heaven is what it feels to the experiencing person. The Dawki bridge, a suspension bridge located over the Umngot river, is an eyesome treat revealing its beautiful colours all around dipped in the natural beauty.

How to reach there?

The town of Dawki is around 95kms from Shillong and well connected via road. Also, the closest airport is Guwahati and Dawki is located 175 km from there which can be easily covered by road.

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The USP factor

The town also hosts the annual boat race. The thrill doubles its intensity by getting served on a wonderful boat ride on crystal clear waters. The event is held in the month of March and April every year. Get ready all the adventure lovers!




  1. I had visited the Umngot river on Nov 11 (2017) and found it to be really amazing with crystal clear water where you can see the fishes at the bottom of the river that goes deep upto 15 feet.

    The absence of proper accommodation and bad roads should not deter you to see this untouched nature’s paradise which is just wonderful !


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