Top Seven Facts About The World’s Dirtiest Man “Amou Haji”

World's Dirtiest man
Picture: Internet - He hasn’t showered since 1954.

Yes, you heard it right here is a man who loves animal poop and fills the smoking pipe with it instead of tobacco. There are many such weird things about him that you need to know. We bring you seven facts about him that will either make you surprise or make you abandon society and live like him.

7. He claims cleanliness brings him sickness

Picture: Internet

Yes, he is the only person in the world who thinks that he would become ill after taking bath. He hasn’t showered since 1954.

6. He fills his smoking pipe with animal excreta instead of tobacco!

Picture: Internet

Haji apparently likes regular smokes as well – five at a time. But instead of tobacco he sparks up some aromatic animal faeces. He smokes feces out of a pipe. Wait, he has another achievement! Keep scrolling to read that.

5. He drinks 5 litres of water per day, but only from a rusty oil can

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He has an interesting diet as he doesn’t like clean food or water. His favorite food is dead porcupine. Being health conscious he drinks 5 litres of water per day, but only from a rusty oil can. Shocked? Be ready to know more shocking facts.

4. He burns his hair off in an open fire

Picture: Internet

Were you expecting him to use scissors to cut his hair? No, He doesn’t follow any haircut standard. Amou Haji keeps his hair trimmed by burning it off in an open fire. Whoa! A unique style!

3. He literally lives in a hole

Picture: Internet

Haji prefers to sleep in a hole in the ground, similar to a grave. His village is located in the southern part of Iran.

2. But why he adopted this lifestyle?

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According to the Daily Mail, Amou Haji chose his weird lifestyle due to some emotional traumas from his youth and decided to live an isolated life as a result.

1. You think he is lying?

Picture: Internet

If yes, you are wrong because he has been featured in many news reports.

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