Bagalamukhi: The Goddess of Hypnotic Power, Wisdom & Knowledge

On Baglamukhi Jayanti, Read Mantras To Please Maa, Legends About The Goddess & Temples In Her Honour.
On Baglamukhi Jayanti, Read Mantras To Please Maa, Legends About The Goddess & Temples In Her Honour.

The birth anniversary of Mata Bagulakumai is celebrated with joyful celebration throughout India. On April 23, 2018, people across the nation celebrated the Bagalamukhi Jayanti which pays obeisance to the goddess of wisdom Bagala. According to many beliefs, Bagalamukhi or Bagala stands for one of the ten mahavidyas (great wisdom goddesses) as per Hinduism. The awareness and chowki of Mata Jagatjanani is also organized by the devotees. Mata Bagalamukhi is the eighth Mahavidya of ten Mahavidya.

Bagalamukhi Jayanti
Bagalamukhi Jayanti

Due to the supernatural beauty and erectile power of the mother, her name is Bagulamukhi. The Bagla word is from the Sanskrit language Valga. Pooja worship and sadhana of mother Bagalamukhi are done mainly for conquering the enemies. Any suffering can be instantly destroyed from the sadhana of mother Bagalaumai. Those who worship Mother Bagalamukhi have no shortage of money.

Mata Loves Yellow Colour 

Bagalamukhi Jayanti
Bagalamukhi Jayanti

Goddess Bagalamukhi has as many as 108 names dedicated to her. Some even chant her 1108 different names while praying to her. The powerful goddess of wisdom Bagalamukhi is also known as Pitambara Maa in North India which is commonly associated with the yellow or golden colour.

It is said that the goddess Bagalamukhi is one of the ten forms of the wisdom goddesses, representing the potent female primeval force. Bagulamukhi means the back side of Lord Shiva.

Mother Bagulamukhi love yellow, due to which she is also called Mother Pitambari. The color of the mother’s garden is similar to the glowing gold, therefore, for the worship of the mother, the materials like fruits, dress and flowers should be of yellow color.

Legends about the Goddess

Bagalamukhi Jayanti
Bagalamukhi Jayanti

Every God and Goddess is associated with some legend. How Goddess Bagalamukhi came to earth is an interesting tale. The legend has it that goddess Baglamukhi is the eighth mahavidya (wisdome), invoked for the destruction of enmity or enemy.

Eons ago there was a raging storm on earth. It was so strong that it would have wiped out all creation from it. The Gods were perturbed and held an emergency council to stop the flooding and destruction of Mother Earth. The meeting was apparently held in Saurastra (western India). The storm had to be weakened. From the Haridra Sarovar emerged the form of Goddess Bagalamukhi. This event has been faithfully recorded in the scriptures of Peetambari Peeth in Madhya Pradesh. As the power of the Goddess grew she assumed responsibility for her followers. They started to dedicate temples for her.

Temples in her honor

Bagalamukhi Jayanti
Bagalamukhi Jayanti

The most important shrine of the Goddess is in Guwahati in Assam. The temple is very close to Kamakhya where high ranked tantrics meet. She is also worshipped in Newar city (Patan, Nepal), Bankhandi (Himachal Pradesh), Peetambar Peeth (Datia, MP) and Nalkheda (Shajapur, MP).

With the right kind of devotion to the Goddess, the devotees are protected from:

1. Black magic

2. Curse done by others

3. Legal problems

4. Possibility of accidents

5. Adverse incidents

6. Unnatural events

7. Enemy’s bad intentions

8. Disease

9. Poverty

Mantra for the Goddess Bagalamukhi:

Bagalamukhi Jayanti
Bagalamukhi Jayanti

Hring baglamukhi devyayae namah
Hring bagalamukhi sarvvadushtanam vvachanmukham padam
Stambhaya jihva kilaya kilaya buddhi vinaashaya hring swaha

Let the goddess Bagalamukhi bless all!


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