Devuthani Ekadashi, Why Tulsi Vivhah Is Most Important On This Day


Today is celebrating Devuthani Ekadashi and according to hindu mythology that today the Gods wake up and all functions such as marriage and other directives are started, and on this day there is also the recognition of Tulsi marriage and many people do Tulsi marriages today but do you know What is the story of Tulsi Plants, which is also called Tulsi Ma in Hindu Dharma. so here is the story of Tusli Ma.

Tulsi (Plant) was a girl in her previous birth, whose name was Vrinda, she was born in the Rakshas Vansh; Since childhood she was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. She used to serve God with great love, worshipped. When she When he grew up, he got married to danav raaj Jalandhar in the Rakshas Vansh. Jalandhar was born from the sea.

But virnda was a great woman, she was very good wife.Once the battle between Gods and Rakshas , when Jalandhar came began to fight, Vrinda said, Swamiji you are going to war I will sit in worship while remaining in war and will perform ‘ritual’ for your victory, and until you come back, I will not left my Resolution.

Jalandhar then went to war, and Virnda sit with the resolution with the effect of their fast, the jalandhar victory confirm , but when all the gods began to lose, then went to Vishnu Ji.
Everybody prayed to God, then Lord Vishnu said that – Virnda is  my best devotee, I can not Deceit with her.

Then God said – Lord Vishnu no other option for help us you are only can help us. God made the form of Jalandhar and reached the palace of Virnda like Only Vrinda saw his husband, he immediately got up from worship and touched his feet, as soon as her resolution broke, in war, the god killed Jallandhar and cut his head apart, his head was the palace of Vrinda When Vrinda saw that my husband’s head was bitten, then who is standing in front of me?

She ask the question – Who are you, whose touch I did, then God came in his form but he could not say anything, Vrinda understood everything, he cursed God, you become a stone, and God immediately became a stone. All the Gods started shouting Laxmi Ji began to cry and started praying if Vrinda Ji did God back and took the head of her husband Became sati.

When a plant came out of their ashes Lord Vishnu said – From today Their name is Tulsi,and one of my forms will remain in this stone which will be worshipped with the name of Shaligram along with Tulsi Ji and Without Tulsi ji’s Will not accept any kind of prasad. Since then, Tulsi Ji has started worshipping all. And the marriage of Tulsi Ji with Shaligram  in ‘Kartik Month’

It is celebrated on the day of God-raising Ekadashi as Tulsi marriage.


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