Simple DIY Hacks to Detect Food Adulteration This Diwali!

How To Spot Adulterated Sweets, Dry Fruits? Some useful tips on how to remain safe from adulterated food this Diwali!
How To Spot Adulterated Sweets, Dry Fruits? Some useful tips on how to remain safe from adulterated food this Diwali!

Are you afraid of adulteration in Diwali Sweets? Festival time is a time of celebration and rejoicing but anything can go wrong if you bring home the wrong foods this Diwali. Here are some incredibly easy hacks that you can try at home to ensure your Diwali binging ends on a sweet note, safe from adulteration!  Don’t let adulteration spoil your Diwali!

How To Spot Adulterated Sweets, Dry Fruits? Some useful tips on how to remain safe from adulterated food this Diwali!
Diwali Sweets

Test 1- Water: This one’s pretty simple even by my lazy standards. And you don’t have to wait for Diwali to test the milk quality. Take a few drops of milk and place them on a slanting, smooth, polished surface. Pure milk will glide down slowly leaving a trail behind while adulterated milk will slip pretty fast leaving a clean slate.

Test 2: Urea- the most common adulterant. Take a teaspoon or two of milk in a cup and add a teaspoon of soya powder or toor dal powder. Shake it till it mixes uniformly. After a couple of minutes, dip a litmus paper. Moment of truth. If the paper turns from red to blue, it indicates the presence of urea in milk. Discard. (Also Read: Is Your Milk Pure or You Are Drinking White Poison? Here’s How To Detect Adulterated Milk & Milk Products At Home)

Test 3: Detergent – Water down milk and shake it vigorously. If it lathers, there’s detergent. Puke! Preserve the sample and wash the leftover milk down the drain and complain to the local FDA.


To check the purity of ghee, you will have to go the extra mile and get some hydrochloric (HCL) acid. With this test, you’ll be checking if the ghee contains animal fat or not. All you need to do is add a bit of sugar and HCL, and if the mixture turns reddish, the ghee is adulterated.

One of the simplest methods to check ghee is to heat a teaspoon of it in a pan. If ghee melts instantly and turns dark brownish in colour, then it is pure ghee. If it takes time to melt and turns yellow, then it may be adulterated. You could also pour some ghee on your palm. If it starts to melt instantly, it is pure and if not, the ghee you are using is adulterated.


Kaju Katli without vark or varak (silver-leaf foil) on top is how one can kill the festive spirit with just one small step

Test: Aluminium coating –

Look carefully at the mithai – pure vark will spread out smoothly on the surface. If it’s breaking, it’s shady. To confirm, rub a bit of the vark between your fingers. Silver is so fine that it will disintegrate but aluminium will roll up into a ball.

Adulteration in Paneer:

Yes your favorite dishes like shahi paneer and palak paneer are also not pure. Mostly the iodine test is also applicable for testing purity of paneer.

Generally, food items such as paneer, khoya, and milk are adulterated with starch, which is used to give a thick, rich texture to sweets. To check the presence of starch mixed with khoya, take a small sample and mix it with water and bring to boil. Allow it to cool and add two drops of iodine in the solution. If the solution turns blue, then it has been adulterated with starch.

Are the dried fruits coloured

To detect colour add a handful of pistachios in 100ml of boiling water, if the water turns green it means it is adulterated.

To detect colour in raisins place a few raisins in 5ml water add 5ml HCL. If colour is visible in the upper layer of the container the raisins are adulterated

To detect acid in dried fruits take some dry fruits and sprinkle water on them. Apply litmus paper to the sprinkled water if the colour of the litmus paper changes it means the dried fruits contain acid.

Note- Always taste or smell the sweets before buying in bulk. Stale products emit a musty smell and taste slightly sour.

Avoid buying brightly coloured and elaborately decorated sweets as these could contain non-permitted artificial colours.

Be wary of what you are buying. Always choose a trustworthy mithai store to pick your favourite sweets. Prefer making sweets at home and avoid indulging a lot from outside. Stay happy and healthy!

Hapy Diwali 2018!

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