Happy Baisakhi 2018: Unique wishes & images to send to your loved ones

Happy Baisakhi 2018
Happy Baisakhi 2018

Baisakhi festival holds a great importance in India. The festival of Baisakhi is celebrated every year on 13 or 14 April. This time the festival is on 14th April. On this day the farmers of North India celebrate their hard work. This is a major festival of Punjab, Haryana and surrounding areas. Baisakhi marks the harvest time of Rabi (winter) crops. It is one of the most significant festivals for Farmers as they celebrate New Year after harvesting. Not only this, on the day of Baisakhi, in the year 1969, the tenth and last Guru of the Sikhs, Gobind Singh founded the Khalsa Panth.

Happy Baisakhi 2018
Happy Baisakhi 2018

On this day, people remember the sacrifices Guru Tegh Bahadur. It is said that when Guru Tegh Bahadur refused to change his religion, after the orders of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, his head was separated from the torso and in this way he had sacrificed his life to protect religion. After this, Guru Gobind Singh, son of Guru Teg Bahadur, prepared an army of Sikhs. To protect the religion, Guru Gobind Singh chose five Khalsa, which was also called Panj Pyare.

People are celebrating this day and wishing each other giving good wishes to their loved ones. You can also wish your loved ones by these warm messages and wishes.

Baisakhi Greetings in English

Happy Baisakhi 2018
Happy Baisakhi 2018

* Happy Baisakhi to all!
I hope celebrations of the day are as
coloruful and joyous for you as ever.

* May you come up as bright as sun,
as cool as water and as sweet as honey.
Hope this Baisakhi fulfill all your desires and wishes.
Happy Baisakhi!!

* Beat the dhol, dance to the bhangra.
Let’s celebrate the bouty of the season!
Happy Baisakhi!

* Baisakhi is here.
So lets spread the cheer!
Dance is joy.
Don’t be coy!

* Fill your heart with love and joy this festive season.
Let Wahe Guru bestow his blessings on you and your family.

* May the cheerful festival of Baisakhi ring in good times and prosperity that you rightfully deserve. Have a wonderful Baisakhi, my friend!

* May Wahe Guru fulfill all your wishes  and bring prosperity and boundless joy in your life. Happy Baisakhi

* On the holy founding day of Khalsa Panth,  let us all cherish the teachings and preacings  of the Gurus in our heart and spirit.
Happy Baisakhi

* May all the Great Sikh Gurus makes your wishes come true and bring immense happiness and success in your life.
Happy Baisakhi!

* May god and the Gurus give us the strength
To stand by the truth and fight against evil.
Happy Baisakhi!

* May this beautiful and auspicious day bring happiness
Fill your loved ones with laughter till eternity.

* On this Vaisakhi, let us pray it will be a year with peace, new happiness, and an abundance of new friends. May God bless you throughout the coming season. Happy Vaisakhi!

Baisakhi Greetings in Punjabi

Happy Baisakhi 2018
Happy Baisakhi 2018

* Nachle gaale humare saath
Ayi hai Baisakhi khushiyon ke saath
Masti mein jhoom aur kheer-poore kha
Aur na kar tu duniya ki parwa.
Baisakhi Mubarak Ho!!

* Oh Kheta di mehak,
Oh jhumara da nachna,
bada yaad aunda hai,
tere naal manaya hoeya har saal yaad aunda hai
dil karda hai tere kol aake Vaisakhi da anand lelaan
Ki karan kam di majburi,
Phir vi dost tu mere dil vich rehnda hain…
Happy Baisakhi!!
Baisakhi de is paawan parv diyan sabnu vadhaiyyan.
Wahe Guru Ji sab da bhala karein.
Happy Baisakhi!

* Khalsa Mero Roop Hain Khaas, Khalsey Main Hun Karu Niwas”
Khalsa Panth De Sajna Diwas Di Lakh Lakh Wadhayi hove j

* Rabb Har Saal Ehoji Baisakhi Lyaavey
Mennu milyaa meraa maahi mele vich Rabb har saal ehoji baisakhi lyaavey Baisakhi

* Bhangre paaea, Gidhe paaea
Aao sare milke Baisakhi da tyohaar manaaea
Tuhanu sareyan nu Baisakhi de tyohaar de lakh-lakh wadai hove ji…

* Aj Baisakhi di eh shubh Kaddi
tuhade te tuhade parivar waste khushiyan
te Hasse da amber lagade

Happy Baisakhi to all!


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