Lohri Legacy: Popular Legend of Dulla Bhatti ” The Robinhood Of Punjab”

Lohri Legacy
Lohri Legacy

Lohri is an auspicious festival celebrated on 13th January every year. The winter festival is celebrated in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Jammu and many other parts of India.

Have you ever wondered why Dullah Bhatti who was also known as a “saviour of Punjabi girls” is the focal point of almost all Lohri’s songs?

There are many popular stories associated with this festival of Punjab, the most famous of them is the Dullah Bhatti, which evolved around the Lohri.

Lohri’s legacy- The Tale of Dullah Bhatti

Lohri Legacy
Lohri Legacy

According to popular legends, the origin of Lohri festival is related to Dulla Bhatti who was known as “Robin Hood of Punjab”.

He lived in Punjab during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar and  led a class war against them. He used to rob rich and distributed it among poor.

Dulla also rescued many Hindu Punjabi girls who were kidnapped and forcefully sold in slave market. After rescuing them, he used to arrange marriage for them and provide dowries (from the stolen money).

Dullah Was Publicly Executed

Legends of Dulla Bhatti
Dulla Bhatti’s grave (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Dulla was publicly executed but he created a legacy through his fight against abduction and selling of girls into slavery and through his bravery, he won heart of all people of every religion.

In the memory of him, the girls sang songs and dance around bonfire which later became a tradition of Punjab. Since that day and Lohri is celebrated gracefully in many parts of India. That is why, every Lohri songs have words to express gratitude to legend Dulla Bhatti.

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5 Traditional Foods of Lohri

Traditional food
Traditional food

1. Chikki

2. Popcorn

3. Rewri

4. Til Ka Ladoo

5. Gajak

One of the most popular songs sung by people invariably end with the exclamation ‘ho’:

Lohri Legacy
Lohri Legacy

Sundri Mundri Hei! Hoi!
Tera Kaun Bechara! Hoi!
Dullah Bhatti wala! Hoi!
Dullah Di Dhi viyahi ! Hoi !
Sher ShaKar pai! Hoi!
Kuuri de Mamme aaye! Hoi!
UnaNe ChuRi Kuti! Hoi!
Jimidari Lutti! Hoi!
Ik kolaa GhuT Gaya!
Zimidar Apni…..

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Happy Lohri!

Watch Video: The Story of Dulla Bhatti for Lohri

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