Narsimha Jayanti : Mythology, Importance, 6 Narasimha temples & things offer to get god’s blessings

Narasimha Jayanti
Narasimha Jayanti

Narasimha Jayanti (28th April, 2018 Saturday) on Vaishakha Shukla Chaturdashi marks the birth of Lord Narasimha, the Fourth or Avatar or Incarnation of Lord Vishnu as half-man and half-lion who descended to vanquish the demonic King Hiranyakashapu. The jayanti is the appearance day of Lord Narasimha, the half-lion half-man incarnation of Supreme Lord Krishna, who appeared to protect Prahlada from his demoniac father Hiranyakashipu.

Narasimha Jayanti
Narasimha Jayanti

Hiranyakashipu received a special benediction from Lord Brahma that he could not be killed by any human being, demigod or animal or any other entities; he could not be killed by any kind of weapons, neither during day nor night. So, the Lord appeared in half-man half-lion form and killed him with His nails at twilight, thus satisfying all the conditions.

Narasimhadeva appeared at dusk on the Shukla Chaturdashi (fourteenth day of the bright fortnight) in the month of Vaishakha (May). Devotees fast till dusk on this day.

On the occasion of Narasimha Jayanti, let’s have a look at Narasimha temples located across the country

Narasimha Jayanti
Narasimha Jayanti

Shri Laksmi-Narasimha Temple, Maharashtra

The Shri Laksmi-Narasimha Temple is located in Pune at the confluence of Bhima and Nira river in Indapur taluka.

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Telangana

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, also known as Yadadri and Yadagirigutta, is located about 120 km from Suryapet and 62 km from Hyderabad.

Kozha Sree Narasimhaswami Temple, Kerala

The temple is located in Thalassery town in Kerala. It is one of the most ancient temples of Kerala.

Yoga Narasimha Temple, Karnataka

The temple is built on the Yadugiri rock and overlooks the town of Melukote. The temple stands on top of a hill at a height of 1,777 meters above the sea level and is known for its architectural beauty and serene surroundings.

Narasinghji Temple, Rajasthan

Located at Prahlad Kund in the Hindaun City in Rajasthan, the idol of Narasimha is established in a cave

Narasimhaswamy Temple, Tamil Nadu

Located in Namakkal in Tamil Nadu, the temple is constructed in the Dravidian style architecture and rock-cut architecture.

6 things to offer to get blessings from Lord Narasimha

Narasimha Jayanti
Narasimha Jayanti

* Nagkesar is offered to Lord Narasimha for money or for saving. Take a little coconut and bring it home with you and keep it in the safe or house closet, where you keep money and jewelry.

* If someone is trapped in a legal tangle and is tired of going to court again and again, then offer yogurt to God on Narsingh Chaturdashi.

* If you are upset with competition or fear of enemies then offer ice water to Lord Narsingh. You will find success on every side.

* If someone is angry with you or has gone away, then donate the corn flour in the temple to make the relationship again like that.

* If you are drowning in debt or your money is entangled in the market then offer silver or pearls to Lord Narsingh Lord.

* If there is a disease in the body for a long time, relief is not available, then offer the coating of sandalwood to Lord Narsingha.

Let the God Narsimha bless all!


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