These 5 Romantic Things are the best Karwa Chauth gift ever, for your wife

These 5 Romantic Things are the best Karwa Chauth gift ever, for your wife
These 5 Romantic Things are the best Karwa Chauth gift ever, for your wife

She does all this every year, for one belief and the boundless emotions attached to it – “safety and longevity of her husband.” Even in today’s modernized world where the essence of traditions and rituals is subdued, there she stands, a highly educated woman who still follows these traditions because the ‘wife’ in her believes in them.

And if not anything else, she at least deserves a little gesture of appreciation. So, for the value she holds in your life, make her feel special. Appreciate her efforts by giving her immense love and these heart-warming Karwa Chauth gifts for wife to make her feel even more loved as someone rightly said it is not about the price but the emotions attached to a gift:

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Prepare her a good Sargi

Now sargi is the only meal and the first one that she can have on Karwa Chauth. So the least you can do is gift her a good meal so that she can sustain the rest of the day happily. Cook for her a good, lavish meal before she begins fasting.

Decorate the house for her

Since this is a very special day for the two of you, make it even more special by decorating the house with fancy lights, candles. Light up the house and bring the festive mood. She will surely be surprised.

Join her in the fast

Now since it is a Sunday and a holiday for both of you, the best gift to her will be you joining her in the fasting. Tell her even you wish for her long life and prosperity and fast with her. Her joy will know no bounds.

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Be a good husband and handle her mood swings if any

Now staying without food and water the whole day is not really that easy. On this day, be the good husband you are and make this day all about her. If she gets irritated and annoyed occasionally, just understand her and deal with it patiently.

Leave love notes for her in the house

Now since she will be starving, you can divert her mind to something more beautiful. Make the day a loving one for her. leave notes everywhere in the note and write sweet nothings.


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