Shocking Mythology Exists In The Mystery of Amarnath! Know More

Amarnath Shocking Mystery You Must Know
Amarnath Shocking Mystery You Must Know

Amarnath, situated in the Himalayas, is the most sacred pilgrimage of Hindus. The sacred cave is at 13 thousand feet above sea level 135 kilometers away in the northeast of Srinagar. The length of the sacred cave (inner depth) is 19 meters, width is 16 meters and height is 11 meters.

The specialty of Amarnath is the creation of natural Shivling from the snow in the holy cave. Due to the formation of natural snow, it is also called self-made ‘Himani Shivling’ or ‘Barfani Baba’. Amarnath yatra is held every year to pay homage to Lord Shiva and  Parvati. Do you know this is the exact cave, where God Shiva once explained the secret of life and eternity to his Wife, Mata Parvati?

Today, we will tell you how the cave was discovered & legend Story of Amar Nath

The cave was discovered by a Muslim, Buta Malik

Amarnath Shocking Mystery You Must Know
Amarnath Shocking Mystery You Must Know

The sacred cave was discovered by a kind Muslim, Buta Malik. One day he left his sheeps a long way. Arriving in a jungle, he met a monk. The sage gave him a thor full of coal. When he reached home, he found gold in the place of coal. Buta Malik was very surprised.

At the same time he returned to thank the sadhu, but there he saw a huge cave instead of a monk. From that day onwards, this place became a pilgrimage. Even today, a certain part of the offerings offered by Shiva devotees who visit the yatra goes to the descendants of the Malik family.

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Here Lord Shiva narrated secret of life & eternity to Parvati

Amarnath Shocking Mystery You Must Know
Amarnath Shocking Mystery You Must Know

The importance of cave shrine of Amarnath is not just because there is the creation of natural Shivlinga from the snow. The significance of this cave is also because here Lord Shiva told the the mantra of immortality to Goddess Parvati.

Lord Shankar asked mother Parvati to listen to Amar Katha in a solitary and secret place, so that no one other than Parvati could hear Amar Katha. This is because if any person, even animals and birds, listen to this Amar Katha, he becomes immortal. So, Lord Shiva narrated Amarkatha in the cave.

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