The Most Horrific Curse To Pandu in Mahabharata

Pandu's Curse
Pandu's Curse

Curses and boons are an important part of Hindu mythological stories. There were some Shraps (Curses) that changed the course of Hindu Mythology. In old times, curses had a deep effect and had a reason. Curses in that times, shaped the future of millions.


But do you know that Lord Rama, Vishnu and Lord Krishna were also cursed? Today, we will tell you about a strange curse of a Rishi to Pandava’s father Pandu that changed the future.

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Pandu was cursed by Sage Kindama


Pandu who was a great ace archer was hunting deer at a forest. There a rishi named Kindama was making love in form of a deer. Pandu shot them mistaking them for deers and injured them badly. Upon hearing a human cry, King Pandu rushed to them only to realise what he had done.

Enraged Kindama cursed him for having killed him before he had finished making love. Before dying, Rishi Kindama cursed Pandu that he would also die the moment he gets involved in intercourse with any woman.

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Pandu died because of the curse

Pandu's Curse
Pandu’s Curse

King of Hastinapur Pandu had two wives, Madri and Kunti. They together lived in the jungle. One day, when Kunti and all the children went out, Pandu tried to get intimate with her second wife Madri.

As per the curse, he died immediately. Madri held herself responsible for Pandu’s death and committed Sati (An old tradition) by jumping into his funeral pyre.

All five children were raised by Pandu’s first wife Kunthi.

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