Shakuni’s leg was broken by his father, Know top facts of the revenge!

Shakuni Facts

Whenever people hear the name ‘Shakuni’, they think that he was bad and evil. It is believed that it was Shakuni who was also an illusionist, practically masterminded the great war of Kurukshetra.

But did you know in reality, his main rival was not Pandavas, but his own brother-in-law Dhritrashtra who was Hastinapur king and Bheeshma Pitamah.


He was one of the main character in the Mahabharata. Shakuni became the king of Gandhara after the death of his father. If Shakuni had no animosity against pandavas then what was his motive?

Know the story of Shakuni’s revenge and all facts about the wisest man…

Shakuni did not hate Pandavas, his real enemy was Bhishma. 


Shakuni sister married Dhritrastra who was blind. Shakuni was against this marriage so he decided to take revenge against Bheeshma who brought the proposal of marriage. Another reason behind the revenge was that ancestors of Hastinapur destroyed the entire clan of Gandhara. So, Shakuni vowed that he also would end the entire Kuru line.

Shakuni poisoned Duryodhana against Pandavas to initiate war.

Shakuni was a great devotee of Lord Shiva.

Many people think that villains pray to the devil, but an interesting facts is Shakuni was a Shivaite who offered his prayers to Lord Shiva. His sister Gandhari, was a Lord Krishna devotee who was against her son’s army in the Kurukshetra war.

He was not born with a deformed leg


His leg injury is widely believed to be caused by his own father to give him a constant reminder of atrocities that the Kuru clan had committed on them, and take revenge.

Why Shakuni Was Called as Saubala?

The Gandhara King had 100 sons and 1 daughter. Shakuni  was the 100th son of Subala, he is also called as Saubala. Shakuni’s real name was Subalottam which means the best son of Subala.

Shakuni had Four-sided dice?


We all know that a regular dice has 6 faces. But the dice which was used by Shakuni in Mahabharata had only 4 sides. However it is just a belief, we do not approve its authenticity.

The youngest of the Pandava brothers Sahadeva Killed Shakuni

He  had taken an oath to avenge Draupadi’s humiliation. Shakuni was killed by Sahadeva on the 18th day of the Kurukshetra war.

A Temple has been dedicated to him in Kerala


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