Mythology- Why Did Muni Jahnu Drank Entire Water Of Holy River Ganga?

Ganga is considered to be the purest and sacred rivers in India
Ganga is considered to be the purest and sacred rivers in India.

The River Ganga is the spiritual emblem and is one of the largest and most sacred rivers of India. It is the lifeline of the millions of people living along its course. But do you know its mythology? There are many stories or myths revolving around the holy river, yet, we know very little about them.

Did you now Why Ganga is called Bhagirathi and Jahnavi? Or that why a furious Muni drank the entire river water? Keep scrolling as we bring you the most exciting Mythology that revolves around the history of Ganga/Ganges.

Why Ganga is called Jahnavi

Jahnu Muni Who Drank Ganga
Jahnu Saint

Another legend has it that the Ganga unintentionally interrupted the penances of a sage by name Jahnu. He became angry and drank the entire river. Gods prayed to Jahnu to release Ganga so that she could proceed on her mission. Jahnu then released Ganga’s water through his ears. The Ganga therefore is also known as Jahnavi.

Another version of the story

Jahnu Muni Who Drank Ganga
Jahnu Saint

At Jahnudvipa where Jahnu Muni resided, he used to chant prayers. One day, muni’s acamana (sipping water for purification) cup and spoon fell into the river and these were carried away by the strong flow of the river.

Jahnu Muni became enraged and drank the entire Ganga. Bhagirath was confused and thought ‘Where did Ganga disappear to?’ He came to know that Jahnu Muni had drunk all the water of the Ganga, So he worshiped Jahnu Muni to release Ganga. Jahnu Muni was pleased and he cut his thigh and let Ganga flow out from his body. Thus, Ganga is also known as jahnavi.

Why Ganga is called Bhagirathi

King Bhagirath With Ganga
King Bhagirath With Ganga

Click here to read about King Bhagiratha and Ganga river. Watch video to know the exciting mythology behind it.

This is the mythology behind the various names of Ganga river! We hope you liked this story, do not forget to ell us in the comment section!


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