Why Lord Brahma Is Not Worshiped? Know Top 4 Indian Mythology

Mythology- Why Lord Brahma Is Rarely Worshiped.
Brahma is the creator in the Hindu trinity.

This is one of the common questions among people about Hindu Dharma is that Why are temples devoted to God Brahma so rare? You must have noticed, that Lord Brahma is never worshipped and there is only one or two temples dedicated to him.

There are some reasons why Brahma is not worshiped like other gods in Hinduism and why Brahma is the least worshiped god in Hinduism?

Here are the top 4  interesting legends and mythology behind it.

Mythology #1

Mythology- Why Lord Brahma Is Rarely Worshiped.
Mythology- Why Lord Brahma Is Rarely Worshiped.

Did you know Brahma originally had five heads, one of which was cut off by Shiva in a fit of anger. Keep reading to read the full story.

As per the legend, once Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Lord Brahma had an argument about who among them is more powerful. The argument turned into a heated debate and it angered Lord Shiva because he felt that this was an insult to him. He took a destructive form and in a fit of rage, Lord Shiva cut and threw a small nail from his finger, which manifested itself as Kala Bhairava, Shiva asked his avatar Bhairav to cut one of Brahma’s five heads.

Gods became very scared after seeing this violent avatar of lord Shiva and apologised to Lord Shiva. They all convinced Lord Shiva to come back in his original form.

Source- Daily Bhaskar

Mythology #2 When Brahma was impressed by Shatrupa’s beauty

Mythology- Why Lord Brahma Is Rarely Worshiped.
Mythology- Why Lord Brahma Is Rarely Worshiped.

According to Indian Mythology, while creating the universe, Lord Brahma created a beautiful female deity known as Shatarupa, one who has ability to acquire a hundred forms. You will be shocked that Brahma had only one head when he had started creating the universe. Later, due to this beautiful female deity, he got five heads.

Impressed by Shatrupa’s beauty, Brahma started pursuing her. Shatarupa, tried to avoid his gaze but Brahma sprouted a new head until he had developed four. Embarrassed by this, Shatarupa jumped high in the sky. To continue his gaze, the fifth head was sprouted at the top of his other four heads. Lord Shiva, ashamed of Brahma’s unholy behavior, cut off his fifth head and cursed him that nobody would worship him on Earth.

Mythology #3 – Quarrel between Vishnu and Brahma

Mythology- Why Lord Brahma Is rarely Worshiped.
Mythology- Why Lord Brahma Is Rarely Worshiped.

Lord Vishnu and Brahma began to argue as to who was the greater of the two. As the argument became heated, other gods asked Lord Shiva had to intervene.

Shiva created a pillar of light (Lingam) and Shiva said whoever can find the end of this light, will be superior.

So, Vishnu went in one direction and Brahma the other. Vishnu did not find the end and gave up. But Brahma decided to trick Lord Shiva. While he was on the search of the end, He found Ketaki flower and requested that flower to speak lie about reaching the top.  The Ketaki flower agreed.

The argument turned into a heated debate
The argument turned into a heated debate

Brahma said that he found a beginning. After this  the Pillar of light (Lingam) immediately changed into a form of Shiva who called Brahma a liar. Shiva said “nobody can measure the limits of infinity. Without my grace no one can reach the top of the Shiva Lingam, Ketaki flower is lying!” Shiva sentenced him to be little observed in the divine ceremonies. He cursed Brahma that he and Ketaki flower would never be worshipped.

Reason #4 A sympathetic view

Mythology- Why Lord Brahma Is Rarely Worshiped.
Mythology- Why Lord Brahma Is Rarely Worshiped.

This reason is more sympathetic one, is that Brahma’s role as the creator is over. It is left to Vishnu to preserve the world and Shiva to continue its path of cosmic reincarnation.

It is believed that Lord Brahma`s work is done, he created the universe and his creation is the past now. Vishnu(the maintainer/preserver) is the present and Shiva(the Destructor) is the future. It is a fact that people care for the present and the future only. This psychology of people makes Lord Brahma to be neglected.

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