Ravana & His Story: A Demon or Man of Virtues? Read Mythology

Ravana Fact
Ravana Fact

Though Ravana is the main character in the epic Ramayana, yet how many of you are aware of his background, erudite knowledge, his idols and stories? Ravana is always seen as an evil, but there was some goodness in Ravana too. Rajadhiraja Lankadhipati Maharaj Ravana is also known as Dashanan.


After collecting different parts of the Ramayana, we will tell you some interesting facts about Ravana that that will make you see him in a whole different light. Through our article you will know that though Ravana is seen mostly as a villain, but he’s much more than that.

Ravana was half demon & Half Brahmin


King Ravana was born to a sage Vishrava and daitya princess Kaikesi that made him partly Brahmin and partly demon. Even Lord Rama had recognized Ravana as a Mahabrahmin and had to perform Ashwamedha Yagna to kill Ravana.

Ravan was Brahma’s great-grandson


His grandfather’s name was Prajapati Pulatsya, who was one of the ten sons of Lord Brahma. In this way, Ravan was the great grandson of Brahma. But Ravana did not follow their path.

Just before his  death,  Ravan shared valuable knowledge to Lakshman.


Ravan is considered the greatest scholar of his time. It is believed that before his death, Lord Ram asked Lakshman to sit with him so that he could learn the qualities like diplomacy and statecraft.

Ravana had keen interest in Music & was an extra ordinary Veena player


It is believed that Ravana was a great musician and had a keen interest in music. You will be shocked to know that he composed Shiv Tandav, which is considered as most valuable work on praise of Lord Shiva. There is a belief that even the god used to come to earth to listen to his music.

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Ravana was an expert of the Vedas and an expert in astrology


When his son Meghanada was to be born, Ravana “instructed” all the planets and the Sun to be in a particular position so that his son would become immortal.

But Saturn changed its position. It irked Ravana so much that he attacked Saturn with his mace and broke off one of its legs.

No wonder, Ravana was much more than a villain and demon. This is the reason that many people in the world worship him.

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