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Story of A Demon Existing In Two Bodies Known As Rahu-Ketu!

The lesser known story of Rahu and Ketu!
The lesser known story of Rahu and Ketu!

There was a prolonged between the demons and the Gods before many Yugas. The Gods went to Lord Brahma to seek help who guided them to Lord Vishnu, the preserver of universe.

Vishnu advised Devas/gods to approach the Asuras/Demons and ask them for their co-operation in churning the mighty ocean to obtain amrita, the nectar of immortality which would make them immortal and give lot of powers. Then they would be able to kill Demons.

Samudra Mantha
Samudra Mantha

But churning the ocean was not easy at all. So the Devas sought the help of the Asuras! According to legend, during the Samudra manthan, the king of the serpents, Vasuki, was used as the rope, while a hill named Mandrachal was used as the churn stick.

God Vishnu incarnated as a Tortoise to hold up the mountain on his back. The Gods held the tail of Vasuki and the Demons held the head.

Samudra Mantha
Samudra Mantha

After so many things were obtained Dhanvantari, the god of medicine, appeared holding the pot of amrita. The Asuras tried to snatch it, and refused to give it to Devas.

Seeing this, Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini (a beautiful dancer) to distribute the nector equally to both the Asuras and Devatas.

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Samudra Mantha
Lord Vishnu in The Form of Mohini

Mohini made both of them sit in two different rows but she gave the nector to the Gods only. One of the Demons quickly caught her trick and sat in the row of Devas. The Demon drank the Amrit. Moon/ Chandra and sun /Soorya saw that he was a Asura, they informed Mohini.

Mohini returned to Vishnu Avatar and  cut his head with his SUDARSANA CHAKRA. But the Asura did not die as he had drunk the Amrit.

The head was in the shape of snake which developed a body of normal Demon. This form (of snake’s head and normal body) is called as RAHU.

Rahu & Ketu
Rahu & Ketu

The tail was in the shape of snake’s tail and it developed a head of normal Demon. This form (of normal head and snake’s tail) is called as Kethu in Hinduism!

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Negative key words for Rahu:


Deception Illusion



Negative key words for Ketu






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Positive key words for Ketu






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