Top 10 Untold Facts About ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’ Lakshmi Bai

Lakshibai facts
Picture: Internet - This brave woman inspired generations of women to walk a path of fearlessness.

Rani Lakshmi Bai was a great warrior, brave, patriotic and a fearless woman. The exact date of birth of Lakshmibai is still a topic of debate. It is believed that Rani Laxmi Bai, the queen of the Maratha-ruled princely state of Jhansi was born in November 1835. This brave woman inspired generations of women to walk a path of fearlessness. Today, we will share rare facts about Rani Lakshmi Bai.

Here are some facts about the first woman martyr of India that every Indian must know.

Lakshibai facts
Picture: Internet

1. She was born as “Manikarnika” and was fondly called ‘Manu’.

2. She lost her mother at age 4, thus was left with her father. She was educated in fencing, archery, shooting and horsemanship.

3. She was very independent and was treated like a son only. Her upbringing was similar to the sons of that time and was more independent than other girls.

4. She adopted a son after her own baby (Damodar Rao) died after 4 months of his birth.

5. She adopted the son of the Maharaja’s cousin and renamed him Damodar Rao.

6. Even Britishers were also scared of her. Hugh Rose, a senior British Army officer, pnce described her as ‘personable, clever and beautiful’

7. Jhansi played a crucial role in the rebellion and Rani Laxmibai was among the leaders who took on the British forces. She fought with them and set example of bravery.

8. Rani Laxmibai’s martyrdom day has also always been a bone of contention among several experts and historians. Some people believe she died at 22 and was buried in Phool Bagh, Gwalior.

9. To honour her birthday, two postage stamps were introduced in 1957.

10. Rani Lakshmi Bai palace, known as the Rani Mahal, has now been converted in a museum.

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She was one of the greatest patriots and a role model for all women.


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