These 7 Habits Can Drift Away Goddess Lakshmi From You

Please Goddess Lakhsmi
Picture: Internet - Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth.

Praying to the Goddess with devotion showers immense wealth and happiness on the devotees. Lakshmi Maa is known to be very unstable by nature. She tends to leave one place for another where she finds herself more comfortable. The blessings of Goddess Laxmi is very important for attaining wealth and prosperity.

Who doesn’t like the idea of having a lot of wealth and money? In fact, we all want that! But do you know sometimes, some of our deeds and actions can drift our Lakshmi Maa away from us!

We bring you a list of seven such habits that you need to avoid if you want to please Goddess Lakshmi and attract prosperity in home.
Please Goddess Lakhsmi
Picture: Internet

1. Gods reside in that place where the Tulsi plant is planted. Thus, always light a diya next to the Tulsi plant and ensure good luck.

2. Don’t worship Basil(Tulsi) after sunset because as per shashtras worshipping Tulsi after Sunset is prohibited. Doing so brings bad luck and poverty to your family.

3. Keep a statue of Lord Kuber in your house. Lord Kuber is known as protector of money. Keep this thing in your mind that there should be cleanliness near statue.

4. Getting up after Sunrise and sleeping during sunset displeases Goddess Lakshmi.
Our shastras and ayurveda advice to get up before sunrise and not to sleep during the evenings.Those who follow an anti-clock routine suffer her wrath..

5. Have you ever thought why people clean their house during Diwali festival? This is because Goddess Lakshmi do not enter in places where there is no cleanliness. Goddess Lakshmi likes cleanliness and hates Dirt and clutter.

6. Lakshmi Maa avoids residing in places where there is no peace and where inhabitants do not speak politely. Laksmi resides in a place where there is unity, affection, peace and harmony.

7. Not lighting a Diya in your home in the morning and evening angers her. Always take a bath in the morning and light a Diya before Goddess Lakshmi to take her blessings.

Seek blessings from Laksmi Maa by avoiding above mentioned habits.


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