Lunar Eclipse: Things To Do & Avoid During Chandra Grahan

Things to do & Avoid during an eclipse
Things to do & Avoid during an eclipse

The first lunar eclipse of this year will be on January 31. A total lunar eclipse will occur with a blue moon which is known as a Super Blue Blood Moon on January 31.

According to astronomy, when the earth comes between the Moon and the Sun, then the moon is eclipsed. When the earth comes between the sun and the moon in such a way that the whole or part of the part of the moon is covered and the sun’s rays do not reach the moon. In such a situation, there is a lunar eclipse.

Today, we will tell you important things to do and avoid during an eclipse. Have a look.


Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse

* The clothes that you wear at the time of eclipse must be washed after the end of eclipse.

* After taking bath only, one should touch God and do the normal activities.

* Make sure you wash your clothes and Mandir for Puja.

* Expose the blankets and bed-sheets under the sunlight to use for the night.

* Trees around your house should e sprinkled with ‘Ganga jal’ or Holy water.

* The idols of your home should all be cleaned and washed.

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Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse

Do not urinate or latrine during the eclipse period/Chandra Grahan.

If you latrine during the eclipse period you will get the next birth as insect and if you urinate then there will be daridra-yog (poverty) in your horoscope.

Wait for 12 hours to see God.

It will be inauspicious to see God for 12 hours on this day, due to which the temples of temples will be closed and there will be no worship of any kind during this period.

Do not eat anything during the eclipse. 

Do not eat 9 hours before the lunar eclipse begins ( Do not follow this if you are on medication.)

There is a common belief in India that eating during an eclipse is not good for health as food does not get digested.

Do not sleep during the eclipse.

Those who sleep during eclipse, they may have to face health problems. Therefore, the full healthy person should not sleep in the eclipse period. Pregnant women, patients and old age can sleep in this time, they can rest.

Avoid Intercourse / Sex during the period of eclipse.

It is believed that one should not indulge in any kind of togetherness, including sexual intimacy.

Avoid oil bath during the eclipse.

Oil massage and bath should not be done during eclipse. It is believed that those who massage oil during eclipse, they may have to face skin related diseases.

Females should not tighten their hair clip or Sari clip.

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