Ekadashi:- It Is The Most Meritorious Day For Destroying All Kinds Of Sins

Ekadashi:- It Is The Most Meritorious Day For Destroying All Kinds Of Sins
Ekadashi:- It Is The Most Meritorious Day For Destroying All Kinds Of Sins

“If a person fasts on ekadasi, I will burn up all his sins and bestow upon him My transcendental abode…..Indeed, ekadasi is the most meritorious day for destroying all kinds of sins, and it has appeared in order to benefit everyone.”

SLOKA on Ekadashi

Na gaayathrya para manthra:

na mathu para dhaivatham:

na ganagasya paramam theertham:

na ekadasya samam vratham”.


There is no mantra superior to the Gayathri mantra.

There is no God superior to the mother,

there is no water purifying or superior than River Ganges and

there is no vratam/vrat (fasting), superior than the Ekadasi.

Ekadashi sloka
Ekadashi sloka

Ekadashi Vrat/Vratham Fasting Method

Ekadasi is the name of the Goddess that arose from Lord Vishnu to defeat Demon Mura. Happy with her divine act, Lord Vishnu blessed her that anyone who observes Ekadasi fast will be freed of their sins and will attain Moksha. Some people only take a single meal on the Dasami day, the day before Ekadasi.

Things needed for Ekadasi Puja and Prayer

Fruits, Tulsi leaves (The tulsi leaves should not be picked on the day but on the previous day) And other normal puja items


Wake up early in the morning. Take bath and offer prayers. Perform a simple puja to Lord Vishnu at home by lighting a lamp and offering fruits and Tulsi leaves. Pray or meditate for few minutes. If there is a Vishnu temple nearby visit the temple and witness morning pujas and rituals. Complete fast or Upavas on the day is the main observance.

ekadashi vrat
ekadashi vrat

Greatness of Ekadasi

Ekadasi fasting is greater in merit than staying and visiting places of pilgrimage, performing fire sacrifices or even aswamedha sacrifice. Single ekadasi fast earns the same merit as the one who feeds 1000 mendicants every day for 60,000 years. It prevents and cures illnesses and diseases as it helps in the detoxification of the body and cleansing of bowel system.

It gives 10 times merit in comparison to a person giving away in charity 1000 cows to a learned brahmana. According to Brahma- Vaivarta Purana, it is believed that Lord Vishnu removes the sins of those who observe this fast. The obstacles to spiritual progress are removed and perfection in life is achieved.

Sage Vasista in Narada Purana says, “Neither Ganga, Kasi, Kurukshetra, Yamuna, Reva, Vedika, Gaya, Pushkara and Chandrabhaga, none of them are equal to the day of Lord Hari, Ekadasi. Even if one fasts on ekadasi unknown to others, all his sins are burnt at once and he attains the spiritual world.” Ekadasi fasting is believed to liberate one from the cycle of births and deaths.


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