Saint Ravidas Jayanti:- A Man From Harijan Family Led The Bhakti Movement, His Saying And Values

Saint Ravidas Jayanti:- A Man From Harijan Family Led The Bhakti Movement, His Saying And Values
Saint Ravidas Jayanti:- A Man From Harijan Family Led The Bhakti Movement, His Saying And Values

Shri Guru Sant Ravidas Ji Jayanti will be celebrating on 31st Jan. Shri Guru Sant Ravidas Ji was a great Saint, philosopher, poet, social reformer and follower of the God in India during the 15th century. He was one of the most famous and leading stars of the nirguna sampradaya means sant parampara and lead the North Indian Bhakti movement. He has given a variety of spiritual and social messages through his great writings of poetry to his lovers, followers, community people, society people to reform their mind and show their boundless love towards God.

Widely known as Raidas, Guru Ravidas was an eminent figure in the Bhakti Movement which started in North India around the 15th century.

1. Born in the pious land of Varanasi, he was the son of a cobbler, and hence, one among the subalterns who were seen as nothing more than filth by the common mass.

2. He opposed the myth that caste plays a very important role in establishing a relationship with God. On the contrary, he was of the belief that God is omnipresent, and anyone with a clear conscience and “bhakti” can reach God through simple prayers.

guru ravidas and guru nanak
guru ravidas and guru nanak

3. He went on to say that it’s people’s “karma” that helps them to attain salvation, and that reading Holy text was the birthright of everyone.

4. He openly denounced the notion of a Brahminical society (where the Brahmins are perceived as the supreme beings) and even established Begumpura, a state sans any hierarchical system of caste and creed.

5. He is a called a “saint” because of being a thinker, a socio-cultural reformer, a traveller, a spiritual figure, and, most important of all, a humanist who dedicated his whole life for the banishment of the treacherous caste-system.

6. Guru Ravidas said, “If God actually resides in every human being, then it’s quite futile to segregate persons on the basis of castes, creeds and other such hierarchical social orders.”

7. Guru Ravidasji’s poems portray all his feelings and teachings about an egalitarian society in pure words. In fact, these teachings, found in his poems, became the manifesto of the Dalit’s in Punjab. More and more people are resorting to the teachings of Guru Ravidasji and becoming self-professed Ravidasias.

saint ravidas

8. His belief in one God and his unbiased religious poems won him, numerous followers. In fact, around 41 of his poems were included in the religious text of the Sikhs, “Adi Granth” or “Guru Granth Sahib”. Those poems were compiled by the fifth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Arjan Dev.

9. Post the murder of Ramanand Das Ji in Vienna in 2009, the association of Guru Ravidasji and the Sikhs broke, and the movement declared themselves as a different religion, known as the Ravidasia religion.

10. Apart from the Sikhs, Meera Bai, a revered figure in Hindu spiritualism, too, is said to have considered Guru Ravidasji as her spiritual Guru. One of the most astonishing things about Guru Ravidas Ji was that in spite of becoming a revered figure in his lifetime, he didn’t give up on his filial job of a “chamar” — a cobbler. It is said that once he was asked by his followers to accompany them for a holy dip in the Ganges the next day, but he declined by saying that he has a pair of shoes to be delivered the same day to a client.


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