Thursday Fast:-The Importance Of Yellow Colour And Its Benefits

Thursday Fast:-The Importance Of Yellow Colour And Its Benefits
Thursday Fast:-The Importance Of Yellow Colour And Its Benefits

In Hinduism, every particular day is dedicated to a specific god and likewise, Thursday is devoted to Lord Vishnu or Brihaspati. Brihaspati or Jupiter has a prominent position in the solar system and is positioned stalwartly after the sun. It is also referred as the guru of the universe. Performing puja on Thursday benefits a devotee with good health, wealth, success and the good partner in life.


Thursday is dedicated to Lord Brihaspati or planet Jupiter. It is also known as Guruvar as it is sited at a strong locus in the solar system. Lord Brihaspati represent benevolence and wisdom. It is indeed considered auspicious and helpful to offer to pray on this day. If any of your efforts are not showing results, then you should definitely offer your puja on this day to get success.

Importance of yellow colour on this day

Thursday Fast:-The Importance Of Yellow Colour And Its Benefits
lord Vishnu

Due to the strong position of Jupiter in the solar system, he is considered as the lord of light and as light is symbolized with yellow rays and thus Thursday is associated with yellow colour. The yellow colour is associated with positivity, strength and success in life. Lord Vishnu wears yellow attires, and planet Jupiter is also connected with yellow colour metals like Gold and copper. Lord Brihaspati get impressed easily with yellow sweets and his chariot entails eight yellow horses. So, it is recommended to wear yellow colour clothes. You should also offer yellow sweets, yellow fruits and yellow flowers to Lord Vishnu after the puja.

Puja procedure

To perform puja to Brihaspati, one has to perform puja on Thursday as it is the favourite day of him. Observe the fast entire day and consume food only once and that too only after sunset. Wake up before sunrise on this day and wear yellow colour. Don’t wash head on this day and listen to Katha after observing puja.

  • Take a bath and wear clean yellow coloured clothes.
  • Offer water to the Banana tree on Thursday.
  • Apply turmeric powder paste to the banana tree.
  • Offer chana daal or any food item yellow in colour to the Banana tree.
  • Place the deity of Lord Vishnu or Brihaspati on a clean cloth.
  • Apply turmeric powder paste to deity.
  • Offer chana daal or anything yellow in colour to the lord.
  • Recite Brihaspati aarti (mentioned below).
  • Read Katha facing the east direction after the puja.
  • Observe a fast. You can consume fruits and tea during fast.
  • Avoid fasting if you are travelling.

Benefits of offering puja on Thursday

  • Gives you good health.
  • Success in business and career.
  • Helps you find a good partner.
  • Remove sins.
  • Specifically cures stomach ailments.
  • Long life and strength.



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